$ 10 million added to seafood clean technology fund


The Clean Technology Adoption Program for Fisheries and Aquaculture (FACTAP), was renewed this week by Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan with an investment of $ 10 million to extend the program for two years. The funds are designed to help Canada’s fishing and aquaculture industries adopt clean technologies, while improving environmental performance and competitiveness.

Previous aquaculture projects that were funded under the program included converting diesel, gas and hydraulic components into solar energy technologies and improving recirculating and semi-enclosed aquaculture systems. The expanded program will also provide funds to test innovative or advanced processing technologies in the aquaculture sector in Canada.

The initiative funds up to 75% of eligible project costs (up to a maximum of $ 1 million per year). All project proposals submitted for review must also include a financial commitment in cash of at least 10% from the applicant.

Starting today, interested parties can apply for funding on the DFO website at Clean Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology Program.

These investments are designed to ensure that Canadian producers are well positioned to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of their operations. Adopting clean technologies and solutions will also help them reduce environmental impacts, including reduced water consumption, reduced energy use and emissions, reduced demand for plastic and reduced of waste, thereby contributing to healthy and productive oceans.

“Canada’s seafood sector generates over $ 7 billion annually and employs thousands of Canadians from coast to coast. Through initiatives like the Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program, we are helping small and medium-sized businesses in the sector implement clean technologies. Together, we are creating more jobs in our coastal and rural communities and building a stronger and more sustainable blue economy in Canada, ”said Minister Jordan.


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