3 moves that would be made if Twitter were GM


If the Brewers were run by the makers on Twitter, what sort of gestures would they be making?

Like it or not, social media is an integral part of today’s sports world. Sports social networks are an industry in their own right. There are Facebook groups and pages. Twitter has entire sports communities. Reddit produces some of the best and funniest memes for sports content. TikTok shows your favorite players doing the latest dance splits. Instagram has Jedd Gyorko at home doing ridiculous bag / cornhole tricks.

Like all topics and genres on social media, fan awareness of the sport varies. Some users have advanced knowledge of their favorite team. They know the best outlook and development, and how the sport works internally. Some, to put it mildly, have no idea what they are talking about.

Even with the Milwaukee Brewers atop the NL Central and in a close division battle with the Chicago Cubs right now, it looks like there are a lot of complaints. If the Brewers don’t score enough, manager Craig Counsell must be fired. If the fourth or fifth starter is not surprising, it needs to be released or replaced. All is of course not negative. There is a lot of love for this team on social media.

So what if the Brewers Twitter community took over as the CEO of Milwaukee?

1. Andy Haines would be fired

The Illinois native has been with the Brewers since the 2019 season. Yes, the team’s batting averages aren’t great right now. They are winning games, but their strikes with runners in goal position and on offense in general could do a lot better.

But you can’t put it all on Haines. Firing a hitting coach while he is at the top of the division would be unheard of. And if you fire Haines, who would you replace him with, that would be better? When you ask someone this question on Twitter, they rarely have a concrete answer.

I don’t remember the team having a terrible stroke in 2019 when they first got on board. Is it Haines’ fault, Christian Yelich got injured? Did Haines play a role in the pandemic that created a weirdly shortened season for the Brewers? He’s very unlikely to tell them to swing throws outside the crease with runners in scoring position.

In fact, Haines’ recent work with Hiura could be one of the main reasons he’s starting to play well again. He worked with Keston and helped him make adjustments while trying to regain his swing. It doesn’t seem like a person you should fire. Haines also seems to be popular with gamers. So firing your hitting coach halfway through the season is probably not ideal.

But if Twitter was running the show, Haines would have been fired in April.

2. Trade for Jesus Aguilar

Jesus Aguilar’s time in Milwaukee was absolutely special. Everyone would like to see him again. And with Wong’s string of injuries, Hiura could still play a lot on second base and Aguilar would become the everyday player. Vogelbach could come back from injury and be deep and a powerful bat off the bench.

But the Brewers are the ones who traded him in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with bringing back a former player, but the Brewers’ Twitter GMs might give too much for him. Milwaukee has tried to rebuild their farming system and currently has some big rising stars.

Aguilar is having a solid season. He’s hitting .260, which is his career average. He also has 12 home runs and 51 RBIs. If he joined the team now, he would be second in home runs and first in RBI.

But would the new GM give up too much for him? Will fans still want it if they drop players like Aaron Ashby, Mario Feliciano and Tristen Lutz? Miami would probably want a lot for him, and the new managers could give up too. A World Series would almost need to be guaranteed to abandon the Brewers’ possible future.

3. Bring back Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun could return again this year. There is nothing going around yet and it looks like he’s enjoying his free time at the moment. If the Brewers need a hitter or another player in a pennant race, could he come back? Sure. Will be back next season if there is universal DH? Who knows.

But Ryan would have no choice if Twitter took over. He would be forcibly evicted from his home and family and airlifted to Milwaukee. He would be handcuffed to a batting cage and practice the batter until he agreed to return.

It doesn’t matter where he’ll be on the list either. Braun would be back. You can’t blame anyone for wanting it either. He has been the heart and soul of the team for a very long time. Ryan has not officially retired. He could help them in the playoffs with some big hitters. There is no salary cap to be feared for making him late and overpaying him.

If they can’t force him, the new GMs would throw briefcase after briefcase full of cash from a helicopter on his lawn until he says yes.

These ideas are not an insult to the Brewers Twitter community.

These three things are usually the most talked about moves in the stream right now. It does not make them wrong or that they will not or cannot happen. Social media can be a great place. You can make new friends and find fans from all over the country and around the world. Would they make a great GM? Probably not. But sometimes think outside the box or do crazy jobs.

Who knows, a new batting coach and the return of Aguilar and Braun could send this team to a World Series victory. Or in the basement of NL Central.

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