3 takeaways from the disturbing Seattle Seahawks loss in Week 12


The Seattle Seahawks are not what we thought they were. This has become very clear as they have now lost three games in a row, all in the same way. As the offensive struggles continue, the frustration continues. It gets bigger and bigger with every game because that offense just failed to execute.

With DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett and Gerald Everett at their disposal, there’s no excuse this team can’t score at an efficient pace. Over the past three weeks, they have totaled 28 points. This equates to the same number of points they scored in week 1. The potential is not up to par and there is a lot of criticism to be made.

Despite the poor performance in Week 12, the Seattle Seahawks still had a chance to force overtime. A bit of late magic from Russell Wilson sparked some hope, but they were unable to convert on the two-point conversion and narrowly failed. The difference in this game was the long scoring discs put in place by Washington. By setting the run, they were able to tire the Seattle defense and, inadvertently, put a fork in their playoff aspirations.

Here are three takeaways from the disturbing Seattle Seahawks loss in Week 12.

3 takeaways from Seattle Seahawks’ Week 12 loss to Washington

In a storm

In his post-match press article, Russell Wilson echoed what Jamal Adams has been saying for several weeks now: we are in a storm. Right now, the Seattle Seahawks are in the middle of a storm that has created blinding fog. They can’t see in front of them right now and quite frankly I don’t know if they would like to. The only thing we do know, however, is that Pete Carroll will continually make his players believe.

Frustration has been the theme of the season. Whether it’s injuries or unfortunate penalties – as we saw several times last night – many players have echoed their frustrations, and rightly so. Really, it all comes from the third down. In that losing three-game skid, the Seahawks are 13-37 (35%) on 3rd base and have doubled possession time.

With a quarterback like Russell Wilson, it’s really surprising to see the Seahawks rank 32nd at the time of possession and effectiveness of the third attempt. The lack of a rushed attack really hurt this offense. In week 12, Alex Collins had 7 runs for 14 yards. You could argue that Seattle failed to throw the ball, but that was mainly because of Washington’s Front 4 penetration. Almost every time Collins touched him, he had nowhere to go.

One of my suggestions last week was for Russell Wilson to get more involved in the ball race. In Week 12, the Seahawks dialed a QB draw and it saw them move the chains for the first time in the second half. I think they should build on that and increase the number of reads with read option. With his dynamic playing ability, Wilson will force the defense to stay honest in options play. This allows one less linebacker to go charge after Collins in the running game.

The question that remains is, in the last 6 games of the season, will the storm get worse or will they be able to weather it?


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