6 finalists, $ 25,000 in game funding at the Alabama Launchpad virtual final, November 17


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Alabama Launchpad virtual final on Thursday August 26. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Last week, we caught up with five of the eleven startups from across the state participating in the 2021 Alabama Launchpad Cycle 3 final event. Now, we’re catching up with six concept-stage startups vying for $ 25,000 in funding. during the virtual final on Wednesday November 17th.

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Meet the 6 Concept-Stage startups competing in Alabama Launchpad on November 17th

Alabama launch bar
Nanoxort’s Dr Abhinav Sannidhi during the Alabama Launchpad Virtual Finals on Thursday August 26. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

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Alabama Launchpad, the state’s most active seed fund investor, has been dedicated to investing in promising startups since its founding in 2006. In fact, Alabama Launchpad has invested over $ 5.7 million. in 104 Alabama startups, helping to fuel job growth and innovation statewide.

In 2021, Alabama Launchpad made several changes to the program, including the addition of Launch Advisors, a hand-picked group of Alabama entrepreneurs who mentor participating startups. By working closely with each startup, these Launch Advisors add even more value to the experience of all participants, whether they leave with a check or not.

“Our cohort of conceptual stages for Cycle 3 2021 is impressive. The first few weeks of the finalists’ period have proven their willingness to learn from the launch advisors and each other, which we know will help grow their business. We’re excited to end the year on a high note with this cohort of creative entrepreneurs from across the state. “

Miller Girvin, Executive Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, EDPA

1. Curate-Her

Michelle Chandler, Founder of Curate-Her. Photo by Michelle Chandler

Want to support the artisans while decorating your home with quality seasonal decoration? You will love Curate-Her! Along with Curate-Her, you will receive a seasonal decorating box curated by experienced interior designer Michelle Chandler. The result? A handpicked collection of pillows, throws, objects and decorations to help you decorate your home while supporting talented artisans.

“I look forward to working with mentors to really focus on the strategic aspects of growing my business. Having the opportunity to build a solid foundation for Curate-Her and gain visibility as a legitimate and strong brand is so exciting.

I see some really important things that change my life coming out of this competition. The “how can I help you?” The Birmingham mentality is contagious and that’s something I’m very grateful for and delighted to be a part of. “

Michelle Chandler, Owner, Curate-Her

2. Burn

Sean Haskell, CEO, Etch. Photo by Sean Haskell

Birmingham-based Etch is a new platform that uses spaced repetition learning to expand the educator market, whether it’s a large textbook publisher or a one-on-one educational course. By using Etch, educational content creators can expand their impact while still retaining all the information they need.

“Once I started working on Etch, I was quickly directed to Alabama Launchpad. I was delighted to see that many of the great people I had met and heard about were advisors for Launchpad, so applying was a no-brainer if it meant continuing to learn from these people. I look forward to this mentorship during Launchpad, as well as the opportunity to learn more about the other amazing products built here.

Sean Haskell, CEO, Etch

3. Slag

Xuan Huang and Alex Zotov, co-founders of Milkman. Photo via Milkman

Birmingham-based Milkman is a food retail technology company, creating a personalized food shopping experience for its users. In fact, Milkman offers recipes and meal plans to help its users adopt healthy and personalized eating.

“We’ve been a huge Alabama Launchpad fan for years. Quite a few of the city’s startups that we admire were either Launchpad winners or runners-up. It was very natural for us to apply once we have reached our technological milestone and are convinced that we are a worthy candidate.

We look forward to meetings and trainings with our launch advisors and workshop coaches. We are grateful for the impressive resources that the Launchpad provides to candidates. It is truly an honor to be in the program!

Xuan Huang and Alex Zotov, co-founders of Milkman


The RAGASEDU team in a meeting. Photo via RAGASEDU


Huntsville-based Retention and Graduation Analytics Software (RAGASEDU) was developed by educators and administrators who needed better tools to help identify struggling students. Their original idea, RAGASEDU, is a data-driven solution that analyzes and predicts student performance in real time.

“Alabama Launchpad does a great job of funding, mentoring, and supporting local startups, and we applied because participating in Launchpad would really help our business grow. Because our company provides services that contribute to the public good by increasing high school and college graduation rates, we believe we are ideally suited for a program focused not only on innovation, but also on development. building a better and more competitive Alabama.

Chakri Deverapalli, Founder and CEO, RAGASEDU

5. Soap box

Soap box
SoapBox Caddy is an on-demand laundry service in Montgomery. Photo via Soapbox Caddy

Based in Montgomery, SoapBox Caddy is an innovative on-demand laundry service for workaholics. With SoapBox Caddy, you can say goodbye to the tedious washing, drying, sorting and folding processes! SoapBox Caddy provides both on-demand and in-home service, delivered in a timely and quality manner!

“I came across a social media ad for Alabama Launchpad at the end of their undergrad. As I started to learn more about what they do and how they support startups, I realized that Alabama Launchpad could be a solution to the problem I was having as a new startup: finding funding.

I look forward to learning from Launch Advisors and Judges so SoapBox Caddy can mitigate our risk and leverage the information we get to provide a better experience for our customers.

Kenya James, soap dish

6. Vizrom

Vizrom aims to help hospitals and other healthcare organizations easily display essential data on TV screens. Photo via Vizrom

Vizrom Signs is a cloud-based digital signage solution specially designed for hospitals and other healthcare related organizations. With Vizrom’s digital whiteboard, hospitals can extract essential information from the electronic health record (EHR) for easy viewing on a TV screen.

“In my opinion, if you are an entrepreneur in Alabama and you are not aware of the Alabama Launchpad, chances are you are missing out. I know the positive impact that the Alabama Launchpad can play in accelerating my product development, so it was obvious to apply.

Emmanuel Umoh, Vizrom

Find out more at the Alabama Launchpad Virtual Finals on Wednesday, November 17

Meet the 5 startups competing for $ 50,000 at the Alabama Launchpad Finale in Auburn, August 26
Want to see which company comes out on top? Connect to the virtual final to find out! Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Want to learn more about these six Alabama startups? Don’t miss the Alabama Launchpad virtual final on November 17th!

Which company will win the $ 25,000 prize? Tune in to the virtual final live on November 17the discover. RSVP today!

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