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Getting a policeman knocking on the door early in the morning is never good news, and for restaurant owner Carolina Starling, it couldn’t be truer. His restaurant, Moonlight Social House in Narrabeen, was forced to close after a fire in the kitchen of the neighboring restaurant, Mexicano. “I received an extremely hard knock on the door and I ran down the stairs and saw a policeman standing at the door. And you always think about the worst,” she said. “The first question he asked me was, ‘Do you own Moonlight? and I felt sick. “With her husband, Matt Starling, they immediately went to inspect the damage. The fire passed through Mexicano’s kitchen and severely damaged Moonlight’s kitchen. The gas and electricity lines were destroyed. , as well as the main water line to the residences above the restaurant. Water from the damaged pipe flooded Moonlight causing the ceiling to collapse. No one was injured in the incident. Ms. Starling said that dealing with the disaster was especially difficult given that the NSW government had just announced its roadmap for reopening. “It hurts when you can kind of see that finish line, we knew this week that we were going to get an announcement about the reopening and then I was told there was over a million dollars in damage to the restaurant, ”she said.“ It has been a difficult year and it is my only source of income. If my business goes down, I have to ask myself how I’m going to pay my rent and feed my children. ”She said closing the restaurant would not only impact her young family, but would also put her four employees, who are already struggling with reduced hours, unemployed. She said the only way her business could survive was to barbecue outdoors. But in order to do that, the Starlings face another roadblock. the fire, the couple had applied for a permit to cook outside so the restaurant could attract more customers. The request was rejected by the council. “It’s quiet and people aren’t spending like last locking. We were trying to reinvent ourselves and do our best to bring people in and sometimes a little theater works, ”Ms. Starling said.“ The council said we couldn’t put in a kitchen because we needed to. a sink, and I said “well, I have that,” and they said, “you can’t do it because you’re not insured.” “While the couple had decided not to organizing the outdoor barbecue, Ms Starling said the fire left them with no other option. Hearing of Moonlight’s plight, Councilor Rory Amon made contact and Ms Starling said within five minutes. her phone call that she had received a phone call from the council and that license to organize outdoor barbecues had been approved. “It’s a shame that it takes someone with strength and power to do this. pass something, “she said. Moonlight Social House will serve as the vian barbecue, vegetables and seafood served from midday until sunset every weekend.


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