Aaron Rodgers still not happy with Molly Knight’s toe drama


The Aaron Rodgers-Molly Knight saga continues.

The last time we stopped by, the day before Thanksgiving, Knight deleted his tweet when sharing a Wall Street Journal story about Aaron Rodgers having “Covid toe.”

Rodgers had jokingly said on “The Pat McAfee Show” that he had grief. The Journal wrote the story as if it were serious and noted that it was a real sequel to COVID-19 which included damage to the toes.

Rodgers, 37, lifted his feet in front of the camera at a virtual press conference to show he had no injuries to his toes, and blasted baseball writer Knight for making history. She didn’t write the story – she doesn’t even work for the Journal – but she shared it with a caption that read “This is what happens when you get medical advice from Joe Rogan.”

Returning to McAfee’s schedule on Tuesday, Rodgers touched on the whole thing again.

Rodgers said he had a respectful dialogue with Wall Street Journal writer Andrew Beaton. The Packers quarterback had thought it was pretty clear he was joking, and noted that no one who covers the team locally or closely followed him nationally thought he actually had a COVID toe.

He then directed his anger at Knight.

“I called someone who didn’t write the article,” Rodgers said of Knight, without naming her by name. “But these are the texts that I saw from all the people in the morning before I even saw the article. This person started to take some good pictures of my own mental state, my intelligence and my personal decisions.

Aaron Rodgers is pictured in Sunday’s game against the LA Rams.

“[She was] certainly not faultless, then deleted his tweets later and wrote a very self-affirming post about his coaching status and donating to his charity, and it sounds like a phenomenal charity. But you aren’t faultless either. You also tried to be opportunistic and jump on this train and slam me too. You didn’t write the article, but you also decided to quote yourself in a tweet.

After Rodgers called Knight at the press conference last week, she relayed the sequence of events from her perspective.

“Today I tweeted a link to a Wall Street Journal story about Aaron Rodgers, then I went to a spin class and the local Homeless News Feed where I volunteer. “Knight wrote. Apparently he mentioned me by name at a press conference because when I finished my job my social media feeds were full of nasty comments from Rodgers fans.

“I didn’t write the article that bothers Rodgers, but I guess in the grand scheme of things it’s not that bad. I would like to thank Aaron for directing traffic to my Twitter feed, where I fundraise for blankets for our homeless neighbors. It’s cold and the number of people needing help in Southern California has skyrocketed in recent years, so every awareness helps.

At this point, the chances of this deadlock between Aaron Rodgers and Knight being resolved to their mutual satisfaction are probably approaching zero.


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