All the Key Updates for Marketers from Google’s 2022 “SearchOn” Event


Google held its annual meeting today SearchOn eventwhere he provided an overview of his latest research and discovery updates and experiences, which seek to align with evolving consumer behaviors and changes.

And there are certainly some interesting projects in the works. Here’s a rundown of all the major announcements from Google’s SearchOn event and what they might mean for marketers.

First, Google announced that it is expanding its “multiple search” feature to more regions, allowing users to search using images and text simultaneously.

Originally launched for testing in the US in April, Google is now expanding its multi-search beta to over 70 languages, while adding a new ‘multiple nearby search‘, which will allow searchers to take a picture of an item and then find it at a nearby local location.

This could have significant implications for retail brands, and it’s probably worth updating both your own site’s product listings and your company and product information in Google Merchant Centerwhile there can also be value in keep tabs on the latest search queries in your niche to tap into the resulting uptrends.

Google is also making it easier to access these more advanced search tools by adding new links to your additional search options below the app’s main search bar.

Google SearchIn 2022

As you can see in this image, you will soon see new prompts that allow you to quickly shop based on images from your screenshots, translate text with your camera, “hum to search” and more.

Yeah, ‘hum to seek’. It’s probably used more than you think.

Google is also looking to add more information based on the experience of real people to search results, with a new “Discussions and forums‘ to link you to related topical discussions.

Google SearchIn 2022

According Google:

Forums can be a useful place to find first-hand advice and learn from people who have experience with something that interests you. You told us you wanted to see more of this content in search, so we explored new ways to make it easier to find. Starting today, a new feature will appear when you search for something that could benefit from the diverse personal experiences found in online chats.

So, as shown in the example above, if you search for something like “best cars for a growing family”, Google will still show you the regular results, but it will also now include a new breakdown item in this posting, which links to forum posts “which include relevant advice from people, such as their experience with minivans for transporting multiple children.”

If you haven’t considered the potential value of Reddit or other forum sites in the past, this might make it a more relevant consideration, as a way to optimize your contextual search performance. Keep an eye on the SERPs for your target keywords to see if those forum listings start showing up.

Google is also looking to enhance your e-commerce potentialthrough a range of new shopping features in Google Search.

First, in a bid to make Google more synonymous with online shopping, it’s rolling out a new way to get Shopping results quickly and easily – by simply adding “shop” to the start of any query.

“In the United States, when you search for the word shop” tracking the item you’re looking for, you’ll access a visual feed of products, search tools, and nearby inventory related to that product.”

Google SearchIn 2022

Google says it is also expanding its buyable search experience beyond apparel to all categories – “from electronics to beauty, and more regions on mobile (and soon on desktop).

Google is also adding a new Pinterest-like “shop the look” option, which will allow users to find items similar to those displayed in an image, while adding a new trending products feature in search, which will show popular products. right now in any category.

Google is also expanding its 3D display option for select products, while it will also soon launch a new automated process to help retailers create 3D visuals of their products from static images.

Google SearchIn 2022

“People interact with 3D images almost 50% more than with static images. Earlier this year, we brought 3D visuals of household items look for. soon you will find 3D visuals of shoesstarting with sneakers, when searching on Google.

Twitter previewed a similar option earlier this year for its advertising tools.

Google is also adding a new “Shopping Guide” feature, which will highlight information about specific product items, from a wide range of trusted sources, while adding new information on the page to provide more information about the website you are on and/or the product you are looking for.

Google SearchIn 2022

Google is also adding more personalization tools for shopping results, including new tools for users to set their preferred departments and well as suggested styles based on what you previously researched.

Users will be able to control these personalized results, but from a marketing perspective, it’s worth noting that Google will seek to filter results in this way, which could benefit established brands more.

Also of note for SEO analysts – Google is looking to provide more direct matches for queries directly into its autocomplete lists. Which means appearing on page 2 of the search results will be even less valuable than ever.

Google SearchIn 2022

On another front, Google also shared a preview of its evolving 3D mapping tools, which will add more context to Google Maps results for landmarks, and possibly businesses.

“Suppose you want to meet a friend in a restaurant. You can zoom in on the neighborhood and the restaurant to get an idea of ​​what it might look like on the date and time you plan to meet, viewing things like the weather and learning how bad it might be. to be busy. By merging our advanced imagery of the world with our predictive models, we can give you an idea of ​​what a place will look like tomorrow, next week or even next month. We’re expanding the first iteration of this with aerial views of 250 landmarks today, and an immersive view will be coming to five major cities in the coming months, with more on the way.

Google SearchIn 2022

I don’t know how much adding weather simulations will improve these lists. But it looks cool, and it shows how Google’s tools are evolving in this regard to provide even more context on the listings.

In summary, there are a bunch of upcoming search updates that will have varying impacts on how people see your webpage listings. Which means that if you’re looking to maximize your SEO performance, you should take note of these changes and the behaviors Google is looking to adopt with these updates.

More search methods, more personalized results, and greater potential forum influence are some of the key considerations for future SEO performance, and it’s worth digging into these trends and changes to determine how you can best align your online listings with these updates.


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