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If you are an Apple Arcade subscriber and play these addicting games, at some point you might feel the urge to try out these titles with a controller. In this case, you will need to know whether the games support the use of controllers or not, which games are supported, and a few other similar queries.

This article has listed all the probable and general queries related to using controllers to play Apple Arcade titles. If you want to know more about this exclusive subscription, click on the link below to find out more.

Is there support for Apple Arcade controllers for gaming?

Yes, Apple has allowed the Association of Controllers to play on Apple Arcade. As a result, many of these titles natively support the use of controllers. But, before you jump into plug and play, be sure to check if the game takes one, and if so, what controllers are compatible.

What controllers are supported in Apple Arcade?

As you will be playing these games on an Apple device, the best compatible controllers come from Xbox and Playstation. In addition, there are many cheaper options, including MFI (Made for iOS), which are exclusive controllers made for iOS.

How do I pair a controller with Apple devices?

In the question above, we mentioned that iOS devices pair seamlessly with Xbox, PlayStation, and other standard MFI Bluetooth controllers. Follow the steps for each brand to successfully pair with your device.
For Xbox controller

  • Turn on your controller and wait for the Bluetooth to turn on as well.
  • Make sure it is not connected to any of the devices, as it might not be detected by the device you want to connect to.
  • Long press the connect button to enter pairing mode.
  • Once your iOS device detects it, pair it.

For PlayStation controller

  • Make sure to turn off the controller as it tends to instantly connect to previously paired devices.
  • Press the power button and share buttons to activate pairing mode.
  • Now your iOS device will detect the controller, just press the pairing button to connect it smoothly.

For MFI Bluetooth Controller

  • MFI Bluetooth controllers follow the same steps as Xbox and Playstation,
  • However, there may be some differences as the pairing mode depends on the brand.
  • Check the instructions on the brand page and follow accordingly.

What games are supported?

Out of 180+ games, it’s hard to list which ones support controllers. In order to easily find the games supported by the controller, just go to the Apple Arcade games list and select the game. Once you have entered the landing page, look at the description. If the game supports controllers, there should be an icon right next to the developer logo.

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