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Everyone and everything is on social media – newborns, pets to online shopping. So naturally, consumers use social media to shop for items or help them make a decision. In an IDC survey, it was found that 84% of decision makers use social media to support a buying decision.

So how do you get consumers to notice your channel or brand if they are immersed in multiple platforms on a daily basis? Social media management tools can effectively help you streamline everything from creating content to scheduling posts and even analyzing results. Here are some of the best social media management tools for sale on AppSumo.

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Inksprout saves you the hassle and lets you compose clear and reliable captions when sharing links on social media through its AI writing assistant. It’s perfect for sharing industry news or a personal blog post. This is a Chrome extension that will seed your “Create Article” with the article summary, then you can use the summary text as a quote or edit it to add a personal post. It also includes a time-saving prompt write feature and supports social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as planners like Hootsuite.

Initially priced at $ 156, get it on AppSumo for just $ 49.

Selling AppSumo on WP Social Selling AppSumo on WP Social Photo:

Wp Social is an all-in-one plugin that helps maximize your site audience with customizable social logins, counters, and share buttons to optimize your WordPress site. It also lets you customize buttons, counters, styles, and layouts to match your site design and lets your users upload your content to their platforms for more shares.

Initially priced at $ 186, get it on AppSumo for just $ 39.

Sale of AppSumo on Zigma Social Sale of AppSumo on Zigma Social Photo:

Zigma Social allows you to automate your social media post so that you can focus on important aspects like content creation. It also allows you to easily schedule and publish your social media content to all major social networks to save time and generate more leads. It is a great alternative to other major content planning software with its affordable prices and advanced features.

Initially priced at $ 960, get it on AppSumo for just $ 28.

Sale of AppSumo on Switchy Sale of AppSumo on Switchy Photo:

Switchy allows you to customize the look of a shared social media post to eliminate long URLs and bad graphics. It also allows you to shorten, customize, and track your links to boost social media engagement. You can change the title, domain, description, and image, then add retargeting pixels and UTMs to increase your conversions.

Initially priced at $ 2,400, get it on AppSumo for just $ 39.

Sale of AppSumo on PromoRepublic Sale of AppSumo on PromoRepublic Photo:

PromoRepublic is a tool that streamlines posting to your social media channels. It allows you to go from creating content quickly to planning effectively. It offers thousands of custom templates, images, and an inspiration library for your social media accounts. Use the graphic editor to customize hundreds of colors, fonts, backgrounds, and even a business logo. Schedule your posts for the best time, frequency and content, and track the progress of your posts on different social media platforms with statistics on comments, shares, likes and more.

Initially priced at $ 588, get it on AppSumo for just $ 49.

Sale of AppSumo on Radaar Sale of AppSumo on Radaar Photo:

Radaar is a social media management and collaboration platform designed to manage multiple brands. He can help you every step of the way, from planning and posting posts on their profiles to analyzing their efforts and results. It’s an all-in-one platform with lots of specific tools for posting, social media inbox, social media monitoring and analysis so you can dramatically streamline your workflow, simplify your social media management and save time.

Initially priced at $ 1,689.48, get it on AppSumo for just $ 49.

Sale of AppSumo on EasyClout Sale of AppSumo on EasyClout Photo: EasyClout is an effective all-in-one social media management and growth platform that helps small business owners, bloggers, and social media managers reduce social media marketing costs, save time, increase productivity and achieve better business results. It does this by providing tools to manage all your social media posts and networks, including creating captions and thumbnails for the posts.

Initially priced at $ 5,724, get it on AppSumo for just $ 99.99.

Sale of AppSumo on SocialIQ + Sale of AppSumo on SocialIQ + Photo: SocialQ + lets you collaborate, schedule and analyze your posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube from one tool. You can now choose the best times for your content and schedule posts for yourself after setting a posting schedule. Just create a basic post, then customize and preview it for each social media platform. Easily watermark all photos and videos with your logo to save a lot of time.

Initially priced at $ 1,349, get it on AppSumo for just $ 39.

Sale of AppSumo on LeadPal Sale of AppSumo on LeadPal Photo: LeadPal lets you create intelligent lead generation and viral lead campaigns that enable one-click sign-up of verified email addresses within a minute. It does this by generating email leads from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Yahoo, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Sync your leads with leading email marketing tools like GetResponse, Aweber, Constant Contact, Convertkit, Sendlane, Mailchimp and more. Don’t worry about the false leads, these are all 100% verified email addresses.

Initially priced at $ 928, get it on AppSumo for just $ 39.

Selling AppSumo on WP Schedule Selling AppSumo on WP Scheduled Posts Photo: WP Scheduled Posts is an editorial calendar tool that helps you streamline your content strategy and maximize the productivity of your WordPress website. It also allows you to schedule unlimited posts and automatically share them on all major social networks. Just use the drag and drop feature to easily move and edit posts right in the calendar.

Initially priced at $ 149, get it on AppSumo for just $ 39.

Sale of AppSumo on Post Scheduler Sale of AppSumo on Post Scheduler Photo: Post Scheduler is the only software that allows you to pre-schedule all your posts to your personal Facebook profile. It lets you browse Facebook and save posts with huge engagement and great value to your content idea library so that you can use them as templates at a later date. Then plan a month or a year (or more) of content in advance and it will automatically be published to your personal Facebook profile. However, this is limited to personal Facebook profiles, not Pages and Groups.

Initially priced at $ 997, get it on Appsumo for just $ 97.

Sale of AppSumo on InstaKamu Sale of AppSumo on InstaKamu Photo: InstaKamu is a comprehensive marketing software especially for Instagram. It has the ability to post and schedule posts to Instagram business accounts, respond to comments, and comment on posts. It also offers the ability to perform post analytics and hashtag searches. You can post to Instagram with features like image posting, video posting, immediate post, schedule post, post, post interval settings, file manager and editor. ‘images.

Initially priced at $ 2,210, get it on AppSumo for just $ 26.



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