Cardano launches its social community platform


Last update August 16, 2022

The Cardano project team has launched an alpha version of the Cardano social platform, but the users of the ecosystem do not seem happy with its name.

Cardano is the largest Proof-of-stake consensus-based blockchain network and it currently ranks 6th in the crypto industry, in terms of 24-hour global trading volume of its native token. ADA. Currently, the Cardano team is working tirelessly to make the Cardano Blockchain efficient and scalable for blockchain transactions.

On August 15, Emurgo, the business and venture capital arm of Cardano, announced the launch of the Alpha version of Cardano’s social media platform “Cardano CLAN”. The main objective of this social platform is to bring the latest information and news about the Cardano project to the crypto community.

Emurgo urged Cardano lovers to register and check out the platform and also report issues/bugs in this Alpha version of the platform.

Majority of Cardano lovers suggested renaming the name as it is not attractive.

I suggest an immediate rebrand even before launch, Cardano Clan does NOT sound good. Just quickly rename before launching properly, no harm done!

— $nadjritzcalod (@nadjritzcalod) August 15, 2022

Vasil Hardfork

At present, the Cardano IOHK developer team is working tirelessly to introduce the Vasil Hardfork into the Cardano mainnet, so that developers can introduce a lot of scalability features into the Cardano Blockchain to make the network efficient. and better for retail users.

Vasil Hardfork was supposed to be introduced at the end of June, but numerous technical challenges forced the team to reschedule the Hard Fork timing several times.

Right now, Hard Fork event plans don’t have a specific time to happen because a lot of things get in the way of technical challenges. But speculation claims it could take place in September this year.

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