Clash of Clans Town Hall update 14 introduces Defensive Builder Huts


Earlier this week, Supercell lifted the curtain on the Spring 2021 update, confirming that Town Hall 14 will be arriving. The new Town Hall will bring new levels of defense, new hero levels, and new troop levels (as well as discounts for previous Town Hall levels). But we expected there to be some exciting surprises exclusive to Town Hall 14 and of course Supercell delivered.

Today, Town Hall 14’s first exclusive feature was revealed: Defensive Builder’s Huts! Finally, the Builder receives the love he deserves.

When you make your way to Town Hall 14, you’ll unlock the ability to upgrade your Builder Huts. There are a total of four new Defensive Builder Hut Tiers, but once you upgrade them beyond level 2, the Builder Hut will be armed with a new Defensive Weapon. Whereas previously the Builder’s Hut only existed as a damage sponge, it can now defend against invading armies.

The armed turret is able to target ground or air troops from a range of 6 tiles. It only attacks one target at a time. Here are the statistics:

You will notice the “Repair per second”. This is another new thing to come with Town Hall 14.

Once you pass Town Hall 14, the builder will finally find the courage to actively participate in the fight and defend his house. Instead of just running and hiding in his hut, the builder will run around and attempt to repair nearby defenses during battle.

See the new Battle Builders in action!

The Constructor cannot be targeted or take damage from enemy Troops; however, it can be targeted by offensive spells like Poison or Freeze which can slow or stop its repair. The lightning spell actually resets the progress of its repair.

Once the builder’s cabin is destroyed, the associated builder will stop repairing. And now that the Builder’s Hut is considered a “defense” structure, it will be targeted by balloons, horsemen, and other troops that focus on defenses.

Builders can team up and repair the same building, but the amount they heal decreases for each additional builder working on the structure. They also have a four-tile radius gap, so the six-tile scope of the Builder’s Hut needs to be within the range of the defense you want the Builder to repair. If his main hut is damaged, he will stop repairing the defensive structure and return to his hut to repair it.

I knew Supercell had some surprises up its sleeve with Town Hall 14 and it’s certainly exciting. The Builder has often felt like a forgotten unit, but now he actually serves an objective in combat. This will undoubtedly shake up the game‘s meta. Even though the stats are relatively low, there can be some really creative uses for the new Builder Hunt feature.

Will you stack them around a key defensive structure? What impact will this have on attack strategies? Will you focus on destroying the builder’s huts first? There are so many questions surrounding this new feature and I can’t wait to see how the meta evolves.

I am wondering, however, with the new defense and construction upgrades and the new Battle Builder at Town Hall 14 if Supercell will introduce a new offensive troop to make up for all the defensive upgrades. Something like… I don’t know, Hero’s Pets?


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