Coordinated Health–Allentown Receives Healthgrades Excellence Award for Patient Safety


This is the fourth consecutive year that Coordinated Health–Allentown has received this distinction from Healthgrades.

“Providing safe, high-quality care is a priority for us,” said Christine Biege, vice president of patient care services, Coordinated Health. “Receiving this recognition is a testament to our dedication to patient care, and I am extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish.

Healthgrades studied 170,231 patient safety events involving Medicare patients from 2018 to 2020 and found four patient safety indicators that accounted for 74% of all patient safety events.

These include falls in hospital resulting in hip fracture, collapsed lung after lung or chest surgery, pressure sores sustained in hospital, and catheter-related bacteraemia.

According to Healthgrades, patients treated by hospitals that receive an award for excellence in patient safety are less likely to experience injuries or infections in hospital, including:

  • 55.8% less likely to experience a fall in hospital resulting in a hip fracture.
  • 52.6% less likely to experience a collapsed lung resulting from a procedure or surgery in or around the chest.
  • 66.2% less likely to have pressure sores or hospital acquired pressure sores.
  • 65.8% less likely to experience hospital-acquired catheter-related bacteremia.

“Through our 2022 Patient Safety Excellence Awards, we seek to recognize hospitals that excel in providing top quality care to their patients while preventing serious injuries during hospital stays,” says Brad Bowman, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Data Science, Healthgrades. “We are proud to name Coordinated Health–Allentown as the recipient of the 2022 Patient Safety Excellence Award and look forward to their continued efforts to make patient safety a priority.

Health levels provides information to the public about hospitals, doctors, and health care organizations by evaluating Medicare health care records.


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