Cuomo’s Emergency Slush Fund Against Gun Violence Aims To Save… Cuomo


By now you would think Governor Andrew Cuomo would be wary of declaring emergencies – can you say nursing homes, boys and girls? But apparently not. He was doing it again on Tuesday, but this time he was all foaming at guns.

Or at least pretend to be. As is usually the case with Cuomo, there is more to his story than is obvious.

Declaring what he called “the country’s first armed violence-disaster emergency”, he announced the creation of an “Armed Violence Prevention Office”, intended to oversee “a new comprehensive strategy to build a New York more. “And by the way, the program will include” an investment of $ 138.7 million in intervention and prevention programs. “

That’s a lot of money, and the seven million point is a nice touch. The amounts that come with decimal points seem so precise and well-controlled, in a deceptive way, so when they are part of a smash-and-grab on the New York IRS it may have meant more to influence the investigation. Assembly on Cuomo’s Sexual Harassment only to get the city guns off the streets.

The latter is just a guess, of course, but not unreasonable, given the proven corruption of the state legislature – and the sheer and oft-demonstrated cynicism of Andrew Mark Cuomo.

Cynicism, you ask?

Well, when the streets are strewn with blood from Gotham to Buffalo in large part because of the criminal justice “reforms” that Cuomo encouraged and then passed, what would you call it? The man has signed bills rewriting the New York Criminal Code to favor violent criminals over innocent bystanders, and he rarely misses an opportunity to harass cops in particular and aggressive law enforcement in general.

These, hum, the root causes of gun violence in New York are not mentioned in Cuomo’s flowery declaration of emergency: just paragraph after paragraph, it all hinges on insufficient social spending. And promising to do better at the 138 points-$ 7 million mentioned above, a towering pile of youngsters.

It is, of course, like cream for kittens.

Which speaks directly to corruption – or at least what New York lawmakers do best: taking care of the people at home and themselves, while this time perhaps overlooking the harassment transgressions. well-documented Cuomo’s and this allegedly ongoing impeachment investigation.

Here is a preview.

When Cuomo in mid-June invited lawmakers in western New York to dinner at the Executive Mansion in Albany, the topic was the allocation of billions of dollars to federal infrastructure. Among those in attendance were Assembly women Karen McMahon and Monica Wallace, each from Erie County, each a supporter of hometown infrastructure spending – and each a member of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

That is, each of the committee members would have considered impeaching the man who hung the treats at the mansion dinner.

If it is not a conflict of interest, then there is no such thing – which in ethically flexible Albany does not exist.

And that’s just a snapshot. When you consider the infrastructure cash tsunami that will soon erupt in New York City; the governor’s power over how that money will be spent; what this means for state building unions alone; and the influence these organizations have on the legislature – well, it becomes obvious why Cuomo’s impeachment process developed a possibly fatal case of slowdown.

Considering all this, the Governor’s $ 138.7 million is just strawberry jam on the infrastructure cracker – but it’s still real money, and spending it serves two essential purposes. as governor.

The pork barrel is obvious. Discretionary money for social programs goes through local nonprofits with close ties to lawmakers, and no one is about to miss that.

And the idea that spending can solve problems that are both behavioral in nature and encouraged by permissive politics gets politicians out of the woods but does nothing against crime.

If gun violence really matters to the governor, if he’s really serious about the carnage on the streets of big New York City, he would use his 138 points – $ 7 million to hire more cops, not more workers. social. Or he would spend his slush fund “persuading” the legislature to repeal the criminal justice “reforms” it imposed on the state two years ago with such bloody effect.

But none of that would help solve his immediate problem, an impeachment inquiry by the Assembly and an investigation into the harassment by Attorney General Letitia James.

Emergencies matter most because what matters most to Andrew Cuomo is, and always will be, Andrew Cuomo.

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