Current Broncos coaching dilemma begins with Vic Fangio


The Denver Broncos are 6-6 after a demoralizing loss to division rival the Kansas City Chiefs. Vic Fangio’s future hangs in the balance, but it’s not as clear as it might have seemed weeks ago.

In the eyes of the fans, the head coach Vic Fangios fate was nearly sealed after a prime-time loss to a backup quarterback in the Week 7 game against the Cleveland browns, but it looks like the heat has cooled down a bit.

To be clear, Fangio is not the problem, but he is a problem. His defenses during his tenure as Broncos coach have consistently outperformed their injuries, especially last season as the high school was stretched and he always built a league average defense. On the other hand, the team seemed to regularly downplay the competition and seem demotivated in big games like Sunday.

Basically, you are not going to do much better than Vic Fangio in defense and it is undeniable. His defensive structure spread throughout the league and made people think Patrick muhammad and Andy Reid were split mid-season.

His defenses have kept the team in games much more often than not, but the constant errors of attacking overshadow these impressive defensive performances. Although Fangio is not free from blame. He made the decision to fire Rich Scangarello and hire Pat Shurmur, while also being a driving force in the acquisition of Teddy Bridgewater.

Ultimately, the Broncos could go a number of ways. The first being the cleaning of the house and the overhaul of all the staff. GM George Paton would begin his search for a new leader, and my first list and shortlist consist of the former Super Bowl winner coach. Doug pederson who took a year off after a toxic departure from Philadelphia.

Pederson is a disciple of Andy Reid with deep offensive roots on the West Coast. His racing concepts are among the most diverse and effective in the league and he has a great understanding of tailoring his plan to his players and not the other way around.

The second on the list is Green Bay Packers Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. Hackett would be the first of Matt LaFleur tree to get a job and apparently he deserves it. LaFleur’s offense is RPO-centric and requires you to lower a security and play a man cover, then throw in a multitude of man-punch packs.

Recently, Bison tickets Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is a little different from the other two. Although his defensive scheme is definitely good, he is the best option in terms of a leader or “player coach”. His former players and colleagues have only good things to say and he has always inspired lackluster rosters to play above expectations.

On the other hand, if George Paton retained Fangio, the offensive staff will undoubtedly be called upon. Coach Munchak and Coach Azzanni are most likely locks to stay, Pat Shurmur and Mike shula they certainly are not.

In this scenario, my list of new play-callers begins with Mike Kafka, the QB coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Kafka quickly rose through the coaching ranks after his playing career, finding himself in a very favorable position to teach Patrick Mahomes with the help of Andy Reid.

Next would be Luke Getsy, the Green Bay Packers’ QB coach for the same reasons as Nathaniel Hackett. The development of Jordan Love (or the lack of it) is certainly concerning, but you can’t ignore the effectiveness of this offense and Aaron Rodgers.

Last but not the least would be Philadelphia Eagles Run game coordinator Jeff Stoutland. Stoutland is one of the league’s most respected offensive line coaches and has been for some time now. This season he was in charge of the Eagles’ running game that sparked an incredibly effective winning streak.

The box of tusks handled by Stoutland counts with Jalen hurts serving as an additional number for the numerical advantage of offenses. He used formations and movements to eliminate players from the fit and created organic angles for his back and Jalen Hurts.

For me, there is no right or wrong decision at this point. The Broncos are in a very strange situation right now with their coaching situation.


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