Defend our democracy – How to get South Africa back…


A few years ago, concerned leaders like the Reverend Frank Chikane, attorney Mojanku Gumbi, Adrian Gore of Discovery and Cheryl Carolus of Peotona began conducting talks about defending democracy.

See the link to the site here: Defend our democracy

Churches, mosques and temples have heard messages of South Africa’s loss of moral compass. Leaders said the country needed a democratic reset. And in communities where the Defend Our Democracy campaign has organized listening campaigns, the message has been repeated: the government is failing the people.

(Graphic: Daily Maverick)

Grand corruption is often in the news. But it’s the minor corruptions that make life the hardest – on the school boards, the local home affairs queue, the cop shop and on the municipal listings for housing and services.

The Defend Our Democracy campaign, launched on the afternoon of April 7, is like a United Democratic Front (UDF) for the modern era. The UDF grew out of civic struggles, churches, unions and the then limited enlightened business sector. The campaign was in beta phase and is now launched to the general public. A conference in June will put the meat on the bones of the defense of democracy.

He set benchmarks for areas of concern for Constitutional Democrats — poverty, unemployment, and how the shape of our system of political representation can compound intractable problems. The campaign’s initiators do not treat the Constitution as a shibboleth but consider areas where it might need to be amended. They do not attack it as the restless or ambitious leaders of the ANC began to do. The questions in the graphic are designed as conversation starters so the campaign is owned and driven by the audience.

It is a non-partisan campaign, and although many of its leaders are ANC veterans like Carolus and regulars Daily Maverick columnist Mavuso Msimang, they led the campaign against corruption. The movement will also support and campaign to ensure that the findings of the State Capture Commission of Inquiry are implemented. DM



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