Downvote button may soon be available to users on Twitter Web


Twitter announced earlier this year that it was testing a feature that would allow users to vote against responses in a tweet. The new feature was initially available to a small group of iOS users. More users reported receiving the negative vote button earlier this month. It looks like the company is now looking to expand its availability to other platforms as well.

Application researcher Jane Manchun Wong has discovered that Twitter is working on bringing the negative vote button to the web version. It’s a pretty simple down-pointing arrow that sits between the Like and Share buttons, much like the iOS app. The button lights up in orange when you press it. Nothing extravagant here.

Twitter has yet to announce the rollout of the negative vote button to the web. Maybe the deployment hasn’t started yet, or maybe it has for some users. In response to Wong’s tweet, one user suggested he had the button on the web version of Twitter for a while. Still, the company appears to be on the cusp of rolling out the feature to more users. We will probably have an official announcement soon. Availability on the Android app should also follow in the coming weeks or months.

During the initial announcement in July, Twitter said negative votes will not be public and will only be visible to you, at least during the testing phase. The button will only be available for replies to tweets, not the original tweet. In addition, the company will not count negative votes as dislikes. They will not affect the order of the answers. The test is intended to “understand the types of responses you find relevant in a conversation, so that we can work on ways to display more of them.”

Twitter negative vote button

Twitter has more pipeline engagement features

The negative vote button isn’t the only new feature Twitter is testing right now. The microblogging giant has a bunch of other pipeline engagement features. Among them, a tray of four Facebook-style tweet reactions, which is currently being tested in Turkey. In addition to the existing reaction ❤️ (Heart), users will now be able to react to tweets with the emojis 🤔 (thoughtful face), 😢 (crying face), 😂 (tears of joy) and 👏 (clapping hands).

Twitter recently opened up its audio chat room to everyone. The company is testing a voice transformer feature that will allow speakers to use different effects on their voices in live spaces. It may take some time for these features to become available, but we’ll keep you posted as new information becomes available.


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