Elementor Pro Black Friday 2021 sale is live


So who else is looking for the Black Friday 2021 sales to buy website building tools? If you want to have the best page builder customization tool, grab the deal and give Elementor a try. Every year, Black Friday offers shoppers global deals to get their favorite tools at the lowest price.

This is a great plugin tool for WordPress website builders that allows you to customize the website layout and optimize it completely. It’s quick and responsive to build a professional website; unfortunately it is expensive for beginners. Luckily, the Black Friday sale is here which means you can get the best software for 50% off.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s take the offers and enjoy the benefits of having a custom plugin tool for the website.

Update: The Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales are over.

What benefits do you get with an Elementor Pro plan?

Elementor is a great tool for building and optimizing a website. It can be argued that WordPress provides custom themes for designing websites, but the options available will be limited. But if you invest in Elementor premium plan then you will be able to enjoy lots of features like:

  • Over 300 pre-designed website templates
  • Over 90+ widgets
  • Pop-up window generator
  • Form widgets
  • Landing pages
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Custom fonts and action links

Elementor Black Friday sales have started now. So you can buy this fantastic tool with 50% discount. Plus, you’ll also get up to 30% off standard plans from Elementor Experts. Simply put, you have to pay $ 139 for an expert plan instead of $ 199 per month.

When does the Elementor Black Friday sale start?

The Elementor Black Friday sale has already started on November 22, 2021. [Right now sale is over, but still you can check some ongoing offers from KickassMasterminds.com] Now is the right time to invest in this plugin and take advantage of its advanced features.

The best thing is if you own a web design agency, you will be happy that they know that you can get the Elementor Agency plan at a 50% discount.

Elementor Pro Black Friday 50% Off 2021

Elementor Pro Black Friday pricing across the board

If you want to set up a functional and personalized website, don’t forget to average the Elementor Pro plugin. With this you can upgrade the WordPress website. Let’s take a look at the best Black Friday deals available.

Elementor Pro plans Regular Premium Plans Black Friday Deals Total discount
Essential $ 49 $ 44 ten%
Advanced $ 99 $ 79 20%
Expert $ 199 $ 139 30%
Studio $ 499 $ 299 40%
Agency $ 999 $ 599 50%

Elementor website hosting plan offers

Elementor’s website hosting plan will be available for $ 80. This means that people get a 10% discount on the annual plan. This website plan comes with 20 GB of storage, free Elementor domain, automatic backup, and SSL.

How to get the Elementor Pro Black Friday 2021 offer?

Want to take advantage of the Elementor Black Friday offer? Here’s how you can grab it.

Step 1

  1. Visit the official website of Elementor.com.
  2. Create an account on the site. Click on the Create an account and fill in all the essential details.
  3. While creating the account, the website will ask a few questions about tools and the like. BE SURE to fill in the information correctly to avoid errors.
  4. Since Elementor Black Friday deals have already started, the website will show discount rates and premium plans. You can choose any of the plans at discounted rates.

Elementor Black Friday Price Details

Other plans are also available. So you can choose according to your business needs.

Make the bill payment by credit card, PayPal and any other method. After making the payment, you will be able to download the Elementor Pro plugin. Install the tool and enjoy the website customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Elementor available for free?

Yes, Elementor also offers a free basic plan with a limited customization option. If you want to test the plugin before investing, this is the right plan. Later, if you decide to invest in the tool, upgrade to the premium plans. But if you’re an advanced website developer, Black Friday sales are a good time to invest in the tool.

2. Can I get the Elementor upgrade discount?

WordPress developers who already have the Elementor plan can upgrade their service plan during Black Friday at discounted rates. But the final price of the plan will be calculated based on the remaining subscription.

3. How many websites can we customize with the Elementor Agency package?

With an agency plan, you can customize about 1,000 websites at a time. Plus, you can take advantage of all the essential tools available. During Elementor Black Friday sales, the Agency plan is available at a 50% discount, which means you only have to pay $ 599 per year.


Elementor is a beneficial tool for WordPress website owners and web designers. This allows developers to customize the website according to their website preferences. However, many web designers believe this could be a costly affair.

But you have the chance to get this most important website page builder 50% off in the Black Friday sale. There are many other discounts available on different premium plans. So, don’t waste your time and choose the right plan.


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