EmbedSocial Launches Form Widgets For Interactive Means Without Coders


EmbedSocial designed a user-friendly form builder to help small businesses build any web form without coding.

EmbedSocial has released a new extension to its forms builder that provides users with interactive web widgets.

Form Widgets – are a new way to build web forms. The product brings beautiful form templates in a better, more attractive format and guarantees higher response rates compared to static forms.

With the free platform, users can build forms without coding skills, which is perfect for small businesses with limited resources.

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It is designed for businesses that do not have a web developer or in-house agency to manage their website. EmbedSocial Forms Builder is now flexible to create web forms with a few clicks and display them in an interactive format on their website.

The system works transparently and users will only have to integrate a line of code, define it and forget about it.

This means more maintenance of web forms.

Additionally, the platform provides pre-built templates such as customer satisfaction surveys, job applications, NPS forms, meeting feedback forms, employee review forms, and more.

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The other features included in the platform are as follows:
– Embeddable form widgets
– Popup, Popover or Drawer display
– Pre-built models
– Full form editor
– Personalization
– Sharing of responses
– Import of forms

The most common use cases for form widgets include contact, survey, survey, request for quote, or feedback forms.

There are plenty of form builders out there that allow you to create complex, yet frustrating to use questionnaires and surveys for simple web forms designed for better website interactions. On the other hand, specialist web form builders lack unique designs and formats for more engagement.

As more customers move online and demand seamless digital interaction, businesses will need practical tools to capture their comments, requests or requests more effectively.

EmbedSocial Forms Builder can make life easier and time-saving for small business owners with a free version forever or at the very affordable PRO plan price of just $ 4.99 / month.

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