Exercise Science Professor Wins Delegates’ Choice Award: UNM Newsroom


Len KravitzProfessor of Exercise Science in UNM’s Department of Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences (HESS) received the 2021 International Presenter of the Year Award from the Delegates’ Choice of Canadian Organization of Fitness Professionals (canfitpro).

“Being recognized for your work by your peers is very stimulating. The Delegates Choice International Presenter of the Year award is a heartfelt endorsement from my colleagues who greatly appreciate my science-driven presentations,” said Kravitz.

Canfitpro is a leading physical education provider in Canada. It offers certifications, memberships, and more. Canfitpro is also hosting various virtual and in-person fitness events. The 2021 Delegates’ Choice Award recognizes outstanding presenters.

Kravitz has studied various aspects of fitness such as the metabolic and cardiovascular effects of certain exercises. He has advanced the fitness industry by conducting evidence-based research and scientific literature reviews that aim to find better ways to train and stay healthy.

“UNM has been incredibly supportive of my research and my career,” Kravitz said. “Faculty and students in exercise science have welcomed my research and writing projects, and many have enthusiastically collaborated with me.”

UNM Exercise Science Program gives students a fundamental understanding of human functions and movement. The program supports research, education, leadership, professionalism and certification. It also collaborates with other UNM programs, research institutes, and the community at large.

Already this year, Kravitz has co-authored multiple research reviews in two peer-reviewed professional journals, working alongside UNM graduate and undergraduate exercise science students. Subjects focused on factors important to improving muscle fitness, including exercise intensity, types of exercise, exercise volume, exercise sequence, training status, and program design.

“This award has motivated me to continue this research with our exercise science students,” Kravitz said.

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