Fallout 76 gets custom private servers in the form of Fallout Worlds



Just a few days ago, Bethesda announced the reopening of the public test server for Fallout 76 and said they are working on a major new feature for the game. This new feature was just revealed today, and it looks like gamers will soon have the ability to change custom settings for their own private servers.

Fallout Worlds will give you access to public worlds, accessible to all players and designed by Bethesda themselves. It will also allow you to create your own private custom world, where you can play around with the limits and settings and change them as you like.

“With Fallout Worlds, your imagination is the limit when you’re under the skies of your own Appalachian Mountains. Using a large list of customizable settings, players can build CAMPs in previously restricted areas or even remove the need for electricity to establish a paradise for builders. Love the survival mechanics of Fallout 76? You can double the challenge of braving the untamed wilderness of the Appalachians by changing the PVP rules and difficulty settings. And these are just two examples of this. which is possible in Fallout Worlds.


The feature is now available on the public test server and will be added to the game later this year.

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