Fan creates Nintendo 64 console from LEGO


A talented fan decides to create a stunning replica of a Nintendo 64 console from LEGO, complete with a controller and other accessories.

Fan creates Nintendo 64 console from LEGO

Released in June 1996, Nintendo 64 was a revolutionary console for Nintendo. Helping usher in the era of 3D gaming, the system brought a new dimension of gameplay to popular Nintendo series such as Super Mario and THE Legend of Zelda. Besides being fantastic games, these Nintendo 64 titles paved the way for future installments on other game consoles. Recently, a creative fan decided to reimagine what the Nintendo 64 would look like in LEGO form.

In a post on Reddit, a user known as Arceus1414 shared a collection of images from a LEGO project he had completed. According to the manufacturer, their goal was to create a replica of a Nintendo 64 from LEGO. The console featured a gray color similar to the 1996 console. In addition, the design contained a lot of gaming system features, including controller ports on the front as well as a cartridge slot on the top. To replicate the look of the original Nintendo 64 design, the manufacturer used a number of small parts to copy the small vents used to cool the system.

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Arceus1414 went beyond building the console from LEGO, they also made a Nintendo 64 controller and game cartridge. Like the console, these peripherals contained similar attention to detail, like cartridge modeling. game after the classic design of Super Mario 64. The controller was particularly impressive as the creator noted that it was difficult to build the correct shape of the odd-looking device. Not content with these accessories, the manufacturer also made a power supply, an AV cord and an expansion pack. Several images of the build can be seen below with additional images available on the creator’s Reddit post.

LEGO N64 1

LEGO N64 Controller

The Nintendo community on Reddit loved this new creation from Arceus1414. With over 400 upvotes in just a few hours, fans were amazed at the level of detail displayed. Many enjoyed the included accessories, while some even thought the design should become an official Nintendo LEGO set.

In addition to this LEGO Nintendo 64, several classic Nintendo 64 games are expected to be released on Switch. During a Nintendo Direct last month, the company announced that a number of titles, including Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time were coming to Nintendo Switch Online in October. It’s the first time Ocarina of time will be available on the system and the first time for Super Mario 64 since it was included in the The stars of Super Mario 3D collection.

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