Former Packers GM Ron Wolf just took a massive shot at Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers was called up by former Green Bay Packers general manager Ron Wolf.

Let iconic Green Bay Packers team builder Ron Wolf label Aaron Rodgers as “a diva.”

The general manager of the Pro Football Hall of Fame continued The Big Show network Monday to call the Packers star quarterback. He put Rodgers in a squad with Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks and Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans and called them quarterback divas. Wolf wonders how these quarterbacks could agree to long-term deals and then want to leave town.

Calling Rodgers “a diva” isn’t going to make him want to play for the Packers in the future; in fact, it will probably make him want to pack his bags and get out of town even faster. What is Wolf doing here?

Green Bay Packers: Former GM Ron Wolf shoots Aaron Rodgers

Wolf explained that he knows why guys like Rodgers, Watson and Wilson got long term extensions with their respective franchises. When healthy, all three are among the top five quarterbacks in the NFL. However, all three would have liked to go out at various times during this offseason all lead back to a major common thread: an undeniable organizational dysfunction.

If the Packers drafted non-defensive players in the first round in addition to this Utah State draft quarterback, maybe Rodgers would feel different playing Green Bay? The Packers haven’t attended a Super Bowl in over a decade, and Rodgers is quickly approaching 40. While this difficult relationship can be mended, Wolf taking pictures doesn’t help.

Rodgers makes the Packers at least seven games better than they would without him.


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