Generous donation from tech company opens up new opportunities for local artist


In a world where everything – even art – is digitized, how does a pearl artist and small business owner adapt her product amid the challenges of the pandemic?

There is no debate that we are living in difficult times. Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve seen classrooms move online, businesses adopt digital homes, and small business doors shut indefinitely.

Blu Hummingbird Founder Brit Ellis is a talented pearl artist and graphic designer who has kept her business afloat for the past two years through hard work and the chameleon’s ability to do anything and be anything. By receiving a generous gift from LG Canada, Ellis is able to continue the digital growth of his business, from the artwork itself to the paperwork behind the scenes.

Blu Colibri’s story

Brit Ellis reacts to his surprise giveaway from LG Canada (The Brandon Gonez Show / Gonez Media Inc [GMI])

A beautiful form of niche art, beadwork is how Ellis shares her story with the world. She began beading in a circle organized by the Indigenous Student Center at her college. In Aboriginal culture, beadwork is unique to each nation as well as to the individual. “We put so much of ourselves into the job,” Ellis told Daily Hive. “Our roles as storytellers are never more evident than how our experiences influence our techniques. ”

Everything that inspires Ellis’ life creeps into her work; from pop culture and bold tattoo designs to traditional teachings. Her past experiences of working in the community and counseling also influence the pieces she creates, through which the aim is to speak about the complexity of Indigenous identities and experiences on Turtle Island. Ellis will often donate the proceeds of certain collections to charities within his community.

The challenges of small businesses

Brit Ellis and Brandon Gonez (The Brandon Gonez Show / Gonez Media Inc [GMI])

It is because of Ellis’ commitment to his work and his generosity that LG and influencer Brandon Gonez wanted to help Ellis grow his business, providing him with the tools to succeed in the modern business landscape.

“The pandemic has really exposed my weaknesses in the areas of technology. I used to do a lot of person-to-person work, and when all of our worlds moved in and online, it was difficult, ”says Ellis. “It was intimidating, but I did my best to learn.”

For any business, creating a product is just the tip of the iceberg. Ellis is not only Blu Hummingbird’s top talent, she’s also the Logistics Coordinator, Product Scout & Photographer, Digital Editor, Social Media Manager, and Website Builder. For Ellis, LG’s gift means access and the ability to grow.

New opportunities

LG gram 16 ″ 2-1 Ultralight Laptop (LG)

By using these premium products, Ellis will be able to more easily adapt her style to digital art forms, such as key chains, calendars, stickers and magnets that she has created. With the new An ultra-light LG 16-inch 2-in-1 gram laptop, Ellis will benefit from its processing power and memory to handle his daily tasks and projects, and his included Intel UHD graphics and stylus will allow his design work to perform. come to life on the screen.

And anyone who designs – or just likes to open lots of tabs – needs a monitor. Ellis’ new The 34-inch LG UltraWide Ergo monitor is highly immersive, with a three-sided, virtually borderless display and an ergonomic arm mount that allows the monitor to swivel up to 370 degrees. Its high image quality provides dynamic visual experience for creation; it also enhances the color of HDR content and complements the industry standard sRGB color gamut.

The LG 34 ″ UltraWide Monitor Ergo (LG)

With these features, Ellis will be able to embark on the more complex work that she hoped to undertake for fabrics and clothing, and ultimately to conquer larger business ventures. “This will allow me to better organize myself as well as all the paperwork and behind-the-scenes work required to run my business. “

It’s also extremely easy for Ellis to join the Hustle Hub by LG gram, which is a dedicated online community where LG gram users – and anyone else with an entrepreneurial spirit – can network, access information, and connect. relevant resources and take advantage of exclusive membership offers and benefits.

Ellis will now have the opportunity to develop Blu Hummingbird in new directions. “I am delighted to use these generous donations to help me develop different product lines to increase the reach of my work and my story,” she says. “I am so stunned and grateful.”

To learn more about LG products, visit You can also join the new Hustle Hub by LG gram here. Learn more about Blu Hummingbird on Ellis’ website here.


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