GoDaddy Ecommerce Review (2022): Features, Pricing & More


Setting up a GoDaddy eCommerce store is, truly, one of the easiest things you’ll likely do as part of your marketing and positioning strategy.

You’re probably familiar with GoDaddy as a general web host, but let’s take a closer look at its e-commerce offering. It boasts a quick and easy setup, allowing you to sell in no time, but does that make it the best solution for your needs?

Who is GoDaddy eCommerce for?

GoDaddy eCommerce, as mentioned, is quick to set up. If you’re a small business or solo seller looking to sell a few items and get them listed quickly, without having to worry about greater brand synergy, this is probably a great choice.

GoDaddy eCommerce offers quick setup, easy navigation, and robust functionality. However, these features have some limitations, so if you’re a large business or looking to scale significantly, this might not be the best fit.

GoDaddy eCommerce Features

GoDaddy has a fleet of reliable features that do their job well. While it might not be as expansive or flashy as some other e-commerce platforms, it does offer a decent amount of high-quality features for small and medium-sized businesses.

These features are designed to help you streamline your store and improve your sales tactics and conversion funnel.

GoDaddy Insight

Need information to do a business case? How is your sales pipeline doing? Do you have data to determine your inventory turnover rate?

Enter GoDaddy Insight, an integrated analytics system that makes tracking customer journeys/lifetime values, revenue, and inventory manageable and simple. It uses smart learning to share your most relevant retail metrics with you.


No need to code a theme with GoDaddy eCommerce – like any good online store builder, it comes with multiple templates for you to choose from. Once you’ve selected one, you can add your own touches by simply replacing the images and editing the copy.

GoDaddy offers a selection of themes organized around the products you sell. Image source: author

Easy editing

Click and edit in GoDaddy’s editor to customize your pages. Add your own copy to one of the preloaded text boxes, or add or remove a text box with a single click.

A front-end version of a website shown on the left while a toolbar on the right shows an editable field, with classic word processing icons such as bold, underline, hyperlink, etc.

Edit a live version of your page, with a preview on the left and a toolbar on the right for precise updates.

No transaction fees

GoDaddy does not charge transaction fees on customer purchase orders. What you pay for credit card transactions is only relegated to the payment gateways themselves.

Market sale

GoDaddy eCommerce integrates with third-party marketplaces for selling through its Marketplace feature. Using this, you can sell your items on Etsy, eBay, Walmart, and Amazon, as well as a few other places.

It also doesn’t disrupt your inventory management, as GoDaddy Marketplaces is directly integrated into your account. Sold and updated inventory items are synced with your main inventory account and your online store so there are no discrepancies.

Easy media upload

What’s the easiest way to update images? Just drag and drop them from your computer to a media downloader.

To change an image or video in GoDaddy eCommerce, simply click on an image and open the media library, where you can drag and drop items to upload, search by name, or even browse existing options in the stock library or from linked social media accounts.

A pop-up from the media library prompting users to

Drag and drop or browse stock images to customize your pages.

Unlimited products

Sell ​​as much or as little as you want. If you have a warehouse full of products to sell, GoDaddy eCommerce won’t stop you. You can also display multiple variations for each product without having to set up individual product pages.

For example, if you’re selling a pair of boots, you can sell the same design in different colors, all from a single product page.

Customer interaction

GoDaddy eCommerce makes it easy to interact with your customers, with your store in mind. From setting up abandoned cart email notifications to sending discount codes, and every other sales and marketing technique, you can stay on top of customer management from one hub.

The ease of use of GoDaddy eCommerce

GoDaddy eCommerce is designed to be easy to use. Indeed, from your first step, you are in a secure environment which only asks you to deposit a copy, approve an aesthetic and price your products.

You don’t have to worry about complex web coding or development. Start simply by answering two questions: What are you selling? And what is your store called?

From there, GoDaddy eCommerce builds the whole framework for you, and all you have to do is customize it: upload your images and choose your colors and fonts.

A line drawing of a computer and a construction crane accompanies the two website builder questions on GoDaddy's setup page.

The first part of building your site is a simple two question form. Image source: author

Once you have answered these two questions, you can start building your site. GoDaddy eCommerce proudly claims to be a “three-step builder”, so you know there’s nothing complicated to do. Once your site is ready to go, the dashboard is easy to navigate and editing any page is as easy as setting it up.

A pop-up on the leading e-commerce site builder GoDaddy in three steps: choose a theme, edit images and text, then publish.

Editing your site is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Image source: author

GoDaddy eCommerce Pricing

Although there are several tiers of regular GoDaddy sites, there is only one e-commerce option, so if you want to sell stuff in a GoDaddy online store, you only have one choice.

Its price is also a bit higher compared to some of its other peers at $30 per month or $20 per month, depending on whether you pay monthly or in one annual lump sum.

Four tiers of GoDaddy eCommerce plans and pricing.

There’s only one e-commerce plan, costing $30 or $20 per month depending on billing frequency. Image source: author

GoDaddy eCommerce Support

The support that comes with GoDaddy eCommerce is the same as what you get with a non-commerce GoDaddy account, which means live chat support as well as 24/7 phone support. The live chat is quite responsive, delivering responses in about a minute.

Plus, GoDaddy even has a dedicated Twitter account for asking questions. Company representatives have a reputation for being knowledgeable and helpful when answering questions.

Outside of direct support, there are plenty of online resources, articles, FAQs, lists, and more that you can browse to troubleshoot issues on your own.

Benefits of GoDaddy eCommerce

With GoDaddy eCommerce, you get a fast track to selling. Building your site requires no prior experience and produces no headaches. In three simple steps, you can have a small selection of products ready to sell online in no time.

This is advantageous for those who want a fast online store and appreciate a smooth back-end user experience. For all its ease, you also get great analytical insights and the ability to stay in touch with your customers.

Good things come fast

GoDaddy eCommerce lets you quickly set up a site without worrying about anything important falling through the cracks. It is designed to be a working site before you even customize it, which guarantees that it will work when published.

If you need to scale your store or want to customize it extensively, this may not be suitable. But for most small businesses, GoDaddy eCommerce is a simple and accessible builder.


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