Governor David Ige announces 2 major changes to restaurants, bars and gyms in Hawaii


HONOLULU (KHON2) – Governor David Ige on Tuesday announced further easing of COVID-19 mitigation measures for restaurants, bars, gyms and other social establishments.

As of November 12, two major changes will take place, depending on the last decree of the governor:

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  1. Outdoor activities in restaurants, bars, gymnasiums and other social establishments will no longer be subject to these restrictions.
  2. The indoor capacity of these facilities is set at 50%, unless the county implements a policy requiring vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result within 48 hours, in which case there will be no limit. capacity.

Activities inside these establishments should always require clients to remain seated with their group and to maintain a distance of at least six feet; customers should also wear masks, except when eating or drinking.

“We are looking for ways to ease the restrictions in a safe way that does not fuel an increase in cases,” Ige said. “We really want to do it in a thoughtful way. We are concerned as we continue to have positive cases and clusters in restaurants and food establishments. “

Ige’s emergency order remains in effect until November 30. His announcement comes a day before indoor and outdoor events on Oahu can operate at 100% capacity.

At a press conference last week, Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi announced a gradual reopening plan which lifts COVID collection restrictions for indoor and outdoor managed events on Oahu, including seated entertainment, interactive events and road races.

“In the future, we still have our public safety, our public health in mind, but the time has come. The time has come for us to move forward, ”Blangiardi said on October 27.

The mayor has been in talks with the governor to lift restrictions on restaurants, bars and gyms in Oahu that fall under Ige’s emergency proclamation. It’s unclear when the rules for social distancing indoors will change.

The Hawaii Restaurant Association (HRA) asked restaurant owners about the impact of the delta variant and found the results to be worse than expected. The results showed that in September and October 2021, 80% of the restaurants surveyed saw their drop in income by 30% or more, and 37% lost more than half of their income.

The restaurant industry has also lost staff. The survey found that 19% of restaurants reported losing 30% of their employees. Restaurant owners said their employees had moved to the mainland where businesses were open, and others did not want to get COVID shots or take a weekly test.

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Changes for events managed from November 3 – and for the second phase from November 24 – as part of the Safe Access Oahu expansion will be in effect until Christmas Day. Blangiardi will then reassess.


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