GTA V: how to migrate your character online


Grand Theft Auto V and his GTA online counterparts are being re-released again for current-gen consoles – now the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. This new version offers improved graphics, HDR options, ray tracing, faster loading times, and cross-progression and cross-play features between PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Series X. Despite confirmation of GTA 6 development, this game is still very popular among gamers, prompting Rockstar Games to port it to new consoles. For those of you who want to experience Los Santos with new graphical fidelity, here’s how you can migrate your GTA V and In line character from the previous console generation to the current generation.

How to migrate your GTA Online character to PS5 and Xbox Series X

GTA V: how to migrate your character online

To be able to migrate your GTA online data from PS4 or Xbox One to PS5 or Xbox Series X, your old and new generation accounts must share the same Rockstar Social Club account. Next, you need to make sure you own the GTA V extended and improved version on your next-gen console – which is a completely separate product from the PS4 or Xbox One version of GTA V. Unfortunately, this is not a free update:

  • For the first three months until June 14, 2022, the Extended and improved version costs $9.99 on PS5 and $19.99 on Xbox Series X.
  • After June 14, it will be priced at $39.99.

After having (again) purchased the new generation version of GTA Vyou can finally migrate your GTA online characters to the next generation (again). Here are the steps:

  1. To connect to GTA online on your PS5 or Xbox Series X.
  2. A “Migrate Profile” popup should appear if your console accounts share the same Rockstar Social Club account.
  3. Choose the previous generation console profile that you want to import.
    • You can only move one account at a time. If you have multiple profiles (having profiles for PS4 and Xbox One, for example), you must select only one. You also cannot merge accounts.
    • Note that profile migration cannot be undone or repeated. move your GTA profile from PS4 or Xbox One to a PS5 or Xbox Series X will delete all data from the PS4 or Xbox One.
  4. After choosing the profile, you will receive a notification to ensure that you are transferring the correct one. Read it carefully.
  5. Do not close GTA online or turn off your console while the profile transfer is in progress, otherwise your save data may be corrupted. Just wait patiently for it to be completed. It may take a little longer if Rockstar’s server is busy.
  6. At this point you can continue where you left off or create a new character to try out the new GTA Online Career Builder.
  7. You can also import profiles to a different console platform. For example, if you played on PS4, you can move your GTA online characters on Xbox Series X.
    • However, keep in mind that inter-console migration will not carry over any GTA online dollars from Shark Cards that you paid for with real money.
    • Switching to the same family of consoles (PS4 to PS5) will transfer all your microtransaction money.
    • You cannot import PC profiles to PS5 or Xbox Series X.

GTA Online Migration – Fixed Black Screen Issue

Internet users have reported encountering an “endless black screen” when migrating their GTA online profile on PS5 or Xbox Series X. However, as mentioned above, it appears to only be caused when Rockstar server traffic is overloaded by GTA online gamers and people who are also trying to migrate their profiles. Be patient and wait for the process to complete.

How to migrate your offline GTA V character to PS5 and Xbox Series X

If you need to transfer your Story Mode progress to next-gen consoles, the process is even simpler:

  1. Open GTA V Story Mode on PS4 or Xbox One.
  2. Open the Pause menu.
  3. Choose the Game tab and choose the Download game save option at the bottom. You can only choose one save file.
  4. Then turn on your PS5 or Xbox Series X.
  5. Choose the resume story under the History tab.
  6. You should see the option Download Saved Game Data.
  7. Just like the GTA Online migration, you can only import save data once.

Rockstar officially confirms the development of the next GTA game

Grand Theft Auto V is available now on PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and Rockstar Launcher.


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