How to create, share, and use clips on Twitch


Tic is considered to be one of the most popular streaming platforms on the web for video games and other topics. A typical stream typically lasts for several hours, and as such, it’s impossible for all viewers to stay tuned for that long.

So, is it possible for users to view snippets of a long, finished stream? The answer is yes; it is indeed something that people can do. In fact, there are a number of ways to download clips, and as you might expect, we’ll see how to achieve that.

What is a Twitch clip?

From what we’ve gathered so far, this feature is aimed at allowing viewers to save and share clips of unique moments on a show. Streamers benefit greatly as they could gain new followers for such action when clips are shared on social media.

How to create, share, and use clips on Twitch

The information below explains how to use the Clip function found on.

1]Create and share clips via Windows PC

OK, so when it comes to creating clips, the viewer has to hover the mouse cursor over the video player, and from there the Clip the icon should appear. Go ahead and click on it to bring up the clip creation page.

Select the video segment you want to include in your clip: When it comes to choosing what elements you want to include in your clip, it’s a bit like creating clips through YouTube. Choose your favorite segment by simply dragging the blue buttons.

Add a title to your clip: After you’ve selected the segment you’re most comfortable with, click the Add Title box and include a name for the clip. Finally, press the Publish button, and that’s it; you have finished.

Share your clip with the world: After clicking the post button, you will be taken to a section where several share buttons will appear after the video has finished posting.

Create clips on Android and iOS devices

It is easy for users to create clips if they are using iOS or Android instead of their Windows 11/10 computer at home. Actually, we think it’s easier compared to Windows, but you might feel differently. Remember that you must use the official Twitch app for any mobile operating system.

  • Create clips on Android: While a stream is running, tap the screen, select the Create a clip button located on the video player. Your clip will be automatically created and from there the share section will appear.
  • Create clips on iOS: As for iOS devices, please tap the screen during a broadcast and then choose the To share icon. Once done, select Create a clip, and that’s all.

Locate and filter Twitch clips

Your favorite channel may have several popular clips to watch, so how can you watch them? It’s super simple. You see, if the channel is live, please select the profile picture in order to access the menu area. Now from the Videos tab, click the drop-down list and select filter by, and from there choose Clips.

You can filter clips based on the most viewed clips in the last 24 hours, weeks, months, and all times using the top drop-down menu.

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