How to Use Facebook Coils


Facebook’s identity crisis is motivated, in part, by teen users give up for the endless supply of short videos on TikTok. In response to this trend, the social media platform last year tested a video feature for some US users called Facebook Reels and launched the feature globally in February.

Videos on Facebook Reels are less than 30 seconds long and presented in a vertically scrolling feed. Facebook parent company Meta has already attempted to create a TikTok-esque experience in Instagram (also called Reels), so the focus on short videos is no surprise.

For those who still post on Facebook, the following tips will help you understand the new option and experiment with creating videos. If you’ve already migrated to another platform, Facebook Reels is unlikely to become your new obsession, but it could be a decent secondary location for the content you create.

What are Facebook Reels?

Facebook Reels are structured very similarly to TikTok videos, with a few differences. The short videos on Reels are often paired with catchy songs and include a bit of everything: outfit checks, heartfelt rants, and goofy memes. On TikTok, you can react to other people’s videos with a duet or a dot. Even though Facebook plans to release something comparable called Remix, the option wasn’t functional at the time of testing.

Before we go any further, let’s make sure you have access to this feature. Desktop users are out of luck – the reels are only for iPhone and Android smartphone apps. Even if you’re on mobile, it hasn’t rolled out to all users yet. When you open the app, to the right of the stories the tab can be the tab Reels tabs; click here to start watching videos or create your own. Another way to access the reels is to click on Menu in the bottom right corner of the app.

Swipe up to browse videos and click a creator’s name to view their profile page. Tap the three dots in the bottom right corner of the video if you want to save a reel for later or copy the video link. As both social media platforms are owned by Meta, Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels are integrated. If you try to comment on a reel from Instagram, you will be redirected to this application.

How to make one

Start by clicking Create a coil under the Reels tab of your Facebook feed. If you’re already watching reels and want to start creating one, tap the camera button in the top right corner. Do you have a recorded video ready? Choose the camera roll on the bottom left to download the images.

When recording a video in the app, press the red and white button to start and stop. Multiple clips can be sewn together for a single spool. A red bar at the top of the screen tracks your time limit. You can select the recorded clips to edit videos or rearrange the order.

Now here’s where you get to get really creative. Five choices are displayed on the right side of the main page: Audio, Speed, Effects, Timer, and Green Screen. Speed ​​and timer are simple to use, so we focus on the other three options.


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