How to Use Instagram Reshare Sticker to Share Posts in Your Stories


Instagram continues to bring new updates and features to its platform based on recent research and user needs, the company said.

A number of people have reported that they find it difficult to share posts about their stories and this relates to a recent update to the social media platform.

The way to repost images and videos in Stories has changed since Instagram introduced a new reshare sticker for many users.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use the feature.

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What is Instagram Reshare Sticker?

Instagram Reshare Sticker is a new way to post images and videos to your Stories that is slowly replacing the old functionality.

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Previously, users could repost images and videos from their Instagram feeds in their Stories by selecting the “Share” button next to the “Like” and “Comment” buttons.

The feature is still under testing and is not available to everyone at the time of publication.

According to Instagram, the new reshare sticker will encourage users to share more original content on their profiles.

“We have seen from research that people prefer to see original photos and videos in the stories of the people they care about,” the company said in a statement. declaration. “The goal of our test is to better understand what people think of this type of content and ultimately improve the Stories experience. “

How to use the share sticker

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the sharing sticker if it’s available on your account:

  • Tap “Add New Post” in the right corner of your Instagram page
  • Select “History”, then press “Create”.
  • Select the smiley sticker icon at the top of your screen and find the share sticker.
  • Once you have selected the reshare sticker, Instagram will display the images and videos that you have viewed recently.
  • Select the one you want to share on your Stories.

Instagram has yet to confirm when the Reshare sticker will be available to each user. The company is still testing the functionality.

Users react to the new functionality

According to Twitter users, many are not happy with the new repost sticker, as several users said it takes longer to repost content than before.

One person reacted: “This new re-share sticker makes me feel even more like Instagram is TRYING to make their app even less easy and fun to use.”

Another wrote: “But really, what was Instagram thinking with this re-share sticker update… who really thought it was a good idea?”

Someone else noted: “I hate the new repart sticker trick. Change it !! “

Check out more reactions on Twitter below.

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