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ICC and Mind the Bridge have announced the official launch of the 2021 Corporate Startup Stars competition as part of the MENA Digital Scaleup Summit in Dubai.

The official kick-off of the 2021 edition of the “Corporate Startup Stars Awards” was announced today in Dubai as part of the MENA Summit on Digital Scaling hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) and supported by the Dubai Chamber, in the presence of the ICC Secretary General John WH Denton AO and Amy neale, Senior Vice President, Mastercard (Business Startup Star 2020).

The celebration of best practices and models of open innovation – which takes place under the European Commission’s Startup Europe partnership initiative – was organized by Mind the Bridge in collaboration with ICC and its Entrepreneurship Center.

For the second year in a row, Mind the Bridge and ICC will work together to identify the top 50 star startups in the world, including the companies most active in open innovation. The ultimate goal is to identify best practices around the world in business-to-startup collaboration, whether through purchasing, licensing, partnerships, accelerators, business creators, CVC, acquisitions and other dedicated internal programs, such as intrapreneurship.

Alberto Onetti, President of Mind the Bridge, said: “Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet in open innovation. There are multiple approaches that continually evolve over time. This is why it is important to continue to follow best practices at the international level. The ultimate goal of Corporate Startup Stars is to identify role models and inspire others to follow suit.

Marco Marinucci, CEO of Mind the Bridge, said: “The Global Corporate Startup Stars (CSS) awards recognize and celebrate innovation around the world in all its various forms. While once Silicon Valley was the bastion of open innovation and every country wanted to emulate and copy Silicon Valley, those days are lost as every region and country in the world finds its own way to innovate and innovate. celebrate their successes. That is why we have decided to launch the 2021 Middle East edition, to also recognize forward-looking initiatives such as Expo 2020 Dubai and the ICC-ESCWA Entrepreneurship Center in Beirut.

Participation in the 2021 edition of the Corporate Startup Stars Awards is free and open to companies from all sectors and all regions of the world. Applications must be submitted on the brand new Corporate Startup Stars website no later than June 20. The winners will be announced in December in Paris.

Categories and special prices include:

  • The global stars of corporate startups
  • Global open innovation challengers
  • Stars of business startups in Europe
  • Stars of corporate startups in North America
  • Stars of LATAM corporate startups
  • Stars of business startups in Africa
  • Stars of corporate startups in Asia
  • Stars of midcap startups around the world
  • Price per category (Accelerator, Venture Builder, Intrapreneurship, Venture Client, Investment M&A)

ICC Secretary General John WH Denton AO said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the Corporate Startup Stars Awards 2021. Over the past year, businesses of all sizes, especially startups and SMEs, have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with innovation and resilience. It is important that we fully recognize these startups for their ambition and ingenuity through the Corporate Startup Stars Awards, so that they can inspire others and lead the global recovery.

The evaluation process is coordinated by a judging committee, made up of the following exceptional professionals:

  • Marième Diop, Founder of Dakar Network Angels, Manager Orange Digital Ventures Africa, Fellow of the President’s Obama Young African Leaders Initiative
  • Candace johnson, Serial Entrepreneur, President Emeritus EBAN, member of the ICC Executive Committee
  • Bindi Karia, Member of the High Level Innovators Group, EU European Innovation Council, Former Vice President of Silicon Valley Bank
  • Alberto Onetti, Serial entrepreneur and coordinator of the Startup Europe Partnership
  • Linda smith, Co-President of the Global Business Angel Network (GBAN) and President Emeritus of the Angel Capital Association
  • Fernando Spnola, Managing General Partner, Core Partners
  • Timothy Tong, CEO of AMTD Foundation, President Emeritus of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Former Dean of George Washington University

The assessment is based on information submitted by participating companies and on dedicated external research. The nominations of the startups complete the evaluation process.



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