In a surprise move, Apple releases iOS 15 Public Beta 2


When I said goodbye to the iOS 14.7 beta last night, I had no idea what a final goodbye that would be. Apple was expected to roll out the second developer beta of iOS 15, and then later this month, when the developer beta 3 is released, the public beta will begin.

Apple apparently has great confidence in this release, as iOS 15 Public Beta 2 is now available to anyone who registers their iOS device for the Apple Beta program.

See you soon iOS 14

Once you’ve enrolled your device, you’ll see the new profile in your device’s Settings app. There you will have to make your first big decision as a public beta tester. While iOS 14 introduced the ability to install a stable public version or the current beta, they must come from the same base. This means that in order to participate in the iOS 15 beta, you will need to remove the iOS 14 beta profile from your phone.

Keep in mind that it is beta software. Especially when it’s only the second version, things will be mistaken. Features will not work. The applications will not work. Things might just break for no reason. If you install it on your primary device, be prepared with a reliable backup in case things go down in testing.

What’s up?

With the PSA sent out, let’s take a closer look at all of the features you can play with in iOS 15 Public Beta 2! While this is an “iterative” development year instead of a “drastic change” year, there is still a lot that beta testers will have to play with. You can check out my full list here.

Specifically for Public Beta 2, Apple’s VPN feature, iCloud Private Relay, is now available.

What is broken?

Remember when I mentioned that some things would be broken in this first beta? Here they are! And that’s just what Apple knows about. It’s up to you to report any bugs you find through the Feedback app.

  • Finder may stop responding while installing iOS 15
  • The beta is currently not available for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro
  • Live text on photos may or may not be available
  • Taking panoramic photos in low power mode may produce unexpected results
  • Carplay may fail if you share the screen when logging into your vehicle
  • Files may close unexpectedly if you choose Open in New Window for a file
  • Duplicating files on some USB drives may fail, incorrectly warning that there is not enough free space available
  • For Find My: Notify When Left Behind is not supported for Intel or Apple Watch based Mac computers, text also indicating that the Find My network is active when your iOS device needs to be charged will only be displayed if the device language is set to English. .
  • Some texts may be unreadable in PDF documents
  • Concentration is … a little too focused. You cannot switch to Do Not Disturb using Siri. Focus Autoreply for Messages is not yet working either.
  • You can only share and receive health data with three people.
  • You can’t pair a Matter device with a third-party hub at this time
  • You cannot pair Matter accessories that use Thread and for those that don’t, they may still become unresponsive after pairing, requiring re-pairing.
  • Thread devices may not connect until you switch them near your hub a few times.
  • You can only pair five Matter devices … Matter devices can only be paired by owners … Thread devices may choose to use Bluetooth instead. Basically, you just need to pair your device with Bluetooth for now.
  • Widgets continue to be the beta bug! Widget gallery may show the wrong widget category after selecting a category in the sidebar, the home screen may close unexpectedly when you drag a widget from the widget gallery, large favorite widgets pinned in iPadOS 14 do not migrate properly to iPadOS 15 beta, After canceling a search in the widget gallery, the cancel button remains visible which may empty the widget gallery
  • ICloud Private Relay can provide an inaccurate geographic location, and it can fall back to a public connection if it cannot maintain private relay.
  • Keyboards for some languages ​​may display unlocalized text
  • Scrolling the report view in Maps may produce unexpected results
  • Previously known Wi-Fi networks may be lost during setup
  • SharePlay may or may not be available, requiring disconnection to resolve the issue. This could be a good thing, as SharePlay has a plethora of issues ranging from high media volume just not working at all.
  • Siri voice recognition on the device (i.e. offline) is currently only available for the following languages: Chinese (Mandarin – Mainland China), English (Australia), English (Canada), English ( United Kingdom) and English (United States)
  • If you have less than 500MB of space on your device, you may not be able to update iOS

What is corrected?

So while this is a pretty substantial list above, it doesn’t mean Apple hasn’t already squashed a bunch of Developer Beta 1 bugs. Here are the issues that have been fixed.

  • Carplay
  • Mute and Route Preview buttons now appear in all vehicles
  • Siri will not disappear if you summon it after an announcement ends, but before the banner closes
  • Ad requests will no longer exit unexpectedly (but will leave their banners on screen)
  • Images and thumbnails will not display a black and white grid overlay
  • Facetime
  • Spatial panning of audio in group FaceTime calls now initiates when starting a call
  • Zoom level indicator reflects the actual zoom level when using the rear camera
  • Pressing the Portrait effect button during a group FaceTime call no longer zooms in unexpectedly
  • No longer stops responding when starting a FaceTime call with a contact name that contains non-Roman characters
  • You can create multiple HomePod alarms in your home.
  • Entire app library is no longer skipped when scanning in app library search or extended category
  • Home screen pages now appear in unexpected order after moving a page to become the last page while a focus was active
  • Not all devices in your iCloud account need to be upgraded to iOS 15 to set up a Private Relay recovery contact
  • To post
  • Document scanner works as expected
  • Swiping down on an email’s title bar to save a draft syncs it locally with other devices
  • Attachments are added to new messages when you choose to reply or compose a new message with an attachment that you have opened in Quick View.
  • Sharing Notes with Messages via Quick Notes works as expected
  • Shared With You will no longer appear in Photos when Auto Share is turned off and sharing is now available in Memories
  • Safari no longer quits unexpectedly when you tap the search bar, it will load all websites even if Hide trackers IP address is enabled
  • Documents opened as expected in Schoolwork
  • Drag and drop in the shortcut editor works as expected
  • Your Apple Watch will not enter sleep mode until bedtime
  • It no longer rains even when it is not raining – this version fixes rainfall notifications in Weather

And after

This unexpected public beta in June is quite a giveaway for public beta testers who didn’t expect to see the new version of iOS on their phones until much later in July.

Beta testing has been going at a steady pace so far, with only a few weeks between the initial release and the second. Now, with the influx of public testers, Apple will likely slow development for a while as they will receive a glut of bug reports and feedback to sift through.

That said, I would expect to see a third beta develop in the middle of the month (when I initially thought we would see public testing begin). But with a beta so early, all bets are off. If there’s a bug that’s big enough, Apple will speed things up to fix it.

Keep a stable version of iOS 14 to come back and have fun testing!


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