In Buni, a bridge builder par excellence @ 54, By Hassan Gimba


Governor Mai Mala Buni

If it were a fairy tale, its story would have started with “Once upon a time, in the not so sleepy village of Buni Gari, a child of fate was born into the industrious family of Alhaji Bukar and Hajiya. Khadija “.

Its history is worthy of legends. Hardly do we find a human being like Governor Mai Mala Buni, endowed with power and wealth, the two most sought-after goods, but imbued with humility, generosity, grace and the unquenchable desire not only to serve others, but also to empower them.

When Mai Mala Buni was born on November 19, 1967, some 54 years ago, those around Hajiya Khadijah, her mother, did not know that they had brought into this world a child who will orient her young state towards development while stabilizing the political organization of his country and helping to prevent it from collapsing.

But what is a date? As with many things that only God knows why, November 19 finally became International Human Day, celebrated by more than 57 countries, to celebrate man and his sacrifice to build a family and a nation, with his liturgical color like blue, one of his favorite colors. .

His late father, Alhaji Bukar, a successful business owner and very knowledgeable in the ways of the Quran, who came from a family that currently boasts of over fifty huffaz (huffaz is the plural of hafiz and a hafiz is that who memorized the Quran), but could have had some idea of ​​what God had given him. And that is perhaps why he named him after the most respected traditional leader in their region. He educated him in Western and Islamic education and thought him to be selfless, humble and generous.

When his above-average educated son was admitted to Goniri government secondary school, he bought a brand new dump truck, got a driver, and started trading sand for construction sites. construction. But he did it precisely so that his child would not be missing at a time when a simple letter or a message took endless time to reach the recipient. And so he based him in the city and asked those he loaded from the truck to give young Buni five naira every week from the proceeds. And as encouraged by his father, he became a source of relief for his classmates, taking care of their basic needs with his words becoming bankable, according to his childhood friends and associates.

Plato, the Athenian philosopher, may have been referring to his type when he said, “The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it forces us to suspend our egos and live in another world.

He got involved in politics very early on and ran for a councilor seat, which he won easily because there was a unanimous decision by members of his party and, look, the opposition to support his candidacy. Very young, barely out of his adolescence, they made him a lecturer in a council of elders.

Since then, politically, he has not looked back as his shares continued to rise. The difference between his ascent in life and that of others is that he retains his old relationships – which he enjoys tremendously and accumulates more along the way. He has become a bridge builder and a rallying point for many who are interested in human progress. His life is a testament to the saying that like minds attract.

Those who knew him when fate put the affairs of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in his hands can testify that he is a captain who calms nerves and stabilizes a ship through the worst storms.

It is an open secret that the APC was heading for the rocks before it assumed the interim chairmanship of its interim committee, and other political parties, especially the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), whirled happily, like vultures sensing a potential carcass, for the impending implosion.

The unrest within the ruling party has undoubtedly affected the smooth functioning of government since the government came to power through it. And the country would be the loser.

However, when Governor Buni entered the scene, he stabilized the party and this became a source of relief for the government.

In June of last year, when he was appointed acting chairman of his party’s national convention committee, I had the opportunity to write on this page. Here is an excerpt: “… It is in this context that we can say that with the appointment of Mai Mala Buni to guide his career as interim president, perhaps the trajectory of APC would move away from the brink, and like the phoenix, it is doomed to rise again.

“What people will witness is the calm that will soon envelop the ruling party, for the new president is a man who by all means avoids friction and resentment. There won’t be two parties in conflict with him and one of them will come out grumbling because he believes so much in fairness and justice can only be for one side. He is a person who believes in building bridges and maintaining them.
“And he echoed that after his swearing in when he said ‘… it’s about doing justice to every member of the party. Without justice there will be no peace… if you don’t manage. the crisis, obviously the crisis will handle you. And he did not say those words on marble to be applauded. No, he is the real him.

“Even before his current appointment, the confidence that the president and other stakeholders placed in him had made him a sort of party arbiter, putting out fires here and there and participating in campaigns for better electoral successes.” party across the country.

“Those who know him well know he is cultivated. So the era of insults, roforofo brawls and uncontrolled statements is over. You will never hear him abuse someone from the opposition or his party, even if that person insults him. And when a good destined for his declared enemy is about to escape him, he will be the first to forcibly return it to its rightful owner. This is the extent of its fairness. He is a thoroughbred politician, broad-minded, cosmopolitan but at ease with the locals and local contexts, humble and extremely intelligent.

“The opposition parties will no longer be full of joy and they will no longer sleep, because, by the time he has completed his mission, they will regret their premature celebration of the departure of the party in power. They face a focused, suave and sagacious politician. And as they will soon find out, like the mother hen, he would unite and cover his party while managing to poach in theirs. “

The sad situation in Nigeria now needs people like Buni who can allay the grudges and unite all. Nigeria needs such young and dynamic leaders, but especially those like him who can make every citizen feel that Nigeria cares about him.

The unfortunate security problems we face are just protests from those who have abandoned the country because they think the system is not giving them a chance to survive. A leader of Buni’s caliber who can make everyone feel important and recognized by the state will disarm such defectors.

Those campaigning for a separate nation will also adopt a charismatic leader in the Buni mold, who can make them believe that our greatness and survival as a people depends on our unity, brotherhood and love for one another. .

Happy birthday, Governor Mai Mala Buni. May the creator of the universe and all within it continue to bless you with wisdom, empathy, love for the nation, and more responsibility for the betterment of humanity.


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