Jewel Raiders rob delivery driver, Liverpool city center site closes


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Jewelery looters rob delivery driver in Liverpool city center robbery

A delivery driver was attacked and robbed after collecting a package of jewelery from Cavern Walks in Liverpool city centre. The worker collected the item from a shop in the shopping center on Harrington Street at around 4.50pm on Monday March 28. As he was walking near Doran’s Lane he was attacked and robbed for the parcel.

The suspect, unknown to the victim, then rammed a van waiting nearby near Hard Day’s Night Hotel. The van, which was driven by another man, then drove off.

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Liverpool city center venue closes for ‘£1.2m in back rent’

Liverpool’s Grand Central Hall has been closed by its owners after the building operator racked up rent arrears of more than £1,200,000.

The Renshaw Street events and leisure venue will not be able to host any of his upcoming concerts, according to the building owners. Nextdom Property Limited, which owns the building, says the locks have now been changed and unauthorized entry is an offence.

Nextdom has today served formal notice of forfeiture of the lease on site operator Local Bar Four Limited, effective immediately. A spokesman for the owner said: “We have returned to the premises peacefully with a regulation certified enforcement agency under the Courts and Law Enforcement Act 2007.

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‘Greedy’ mum who stole £250,000 from employers slammed

Echo readers have been left disgusted by the ‘greedy’ mum who stole £250,000 from her employers.

Lower Lane’s Angela Boote had worked for insurance brokers Griffiths and Armor since 1994 and, while managing some of the company’s banking functions, took money for herself. Spending money on lavish vacations, jewelry and clothes. She was convicted at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday and jailed for forty months. His clients included charities to NHS trusts.

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In 2017, she began redirecting funds to four accounts linked to her, including a joint account she shared with her husband. His family is not believed to be connected to the case. ECHO readers reacted angrily to Boote’s crime on social media and in the comments section of ECHO’s website.

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