Karlie Kloss enters the metaverse with Roblox


This belief is not completely without justification or proof. Tech companies, stars, and brands have been jumping into the metaverse lately. Musicians Lil Nas X and Charli XCX have been performing imaginative gigs on Roblox recently. And a slew of brands, including Gucci, Nike, and Vans, have designed (or, to be precise, coded) gear for the platform.

These partnerships and events advance the technology, sure, but it probably also helps that they’re courting young audiences as well. According to Roblox, there are over 50 million daily active users on the platform, with a significant number belonging to Gen Z or younger, so it makes sense that brands and celebrities are working hard to connect with them. the next generation of buyers, though the whole metaverse concept still has its skeptics and feels lodged in a beta phase.

But Fashion Klossette is more than a flashy partnership or a trend game, promises Kloss. She says she has been using and studying Roblox for over a year. “I’m someone who likes to do my homework,” she says. With the five designers selected, she considered the idea of ​​collaboration. For example: She met 23-year-old Samuel Jordan, one of Roblox’s most successful creators, known in-game as “Builder Boy,” in Miami. The city is a 20-minute drive from the hometown of Fort Lauderdale in Jordan. The two spent an afternoon people-watching at a juice bar and brainstorming ideas for Jordan’s visual love letter.

“We were really inspired by streetwear, Miami flex culture and tropical vibes,” Jordan says of the two’s creative process. For Jordan, creating for the metaverse is nothing new. Since learning to code for the game at 14, he’s designed everything from the first purses, earrings (working creatively on how Roblox characters lack ears) and non-sexist outfits. Since then, the Metaverse has transformed its real life. Jordan says he made over a million (real) dollars last year creating and selling items on Roblox.

Samuel “Builder Boy” Jordan’s ode to Miami, “Mermaid Life”.

Courtesy of Roblox.

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