LinkedIn provides insight into how its feed algorithm works in a new video series


LinkedIn is currently experiencing “all-time highs” or user engagement, but much of that is apparently dominated by posts from other platforms, spam, vaguely topical polls, and various other posting actions at low interest, designed specifically to generate superficial engagement.

At least that’s how it feels, but LinkedIn is working to improve that, and today LinkedIn launched a new initiative to bring more transparency how it works to combat these elements and improve your LinkedIn experience.

As explained by LinkedIn:

Starting today and over the next few weeks, we will be posting “Mythbusting the Feed”, a series of blog posts and content on the platform that will aim to better understand how our product works and solve common misconceptions and assumptions. Our ultimate goal is to be transparent with you about how we think about flow and how things work.

The first two videos in the series are now live, with LinkedIn’s VP of Engineering Sabry Tozine explaining what types of content LinkedIn seeks to amplify in-stream:

As well as alignment between professional and personal growth through LinkedIn content:

The latter is likely a key note, with many seemingly off-topic posts potentially falling into the more “personal” category.

Should you also post the same updates on LinkedIn that you share on Facebook, where your audience will be professionals and members of your peer network? In most cases, probably not, but as Tozin explains, some crossovers are acceptable and fit LinkedIn’s use case.

It’s a nice insight to have – but really, what LinkedIn users are more likely to want to know is what gets the most traction on the platform and what is likely to be penalized by its algorithms. .

LinkedIn hasn’t traditionally provided a whole lot of information on this (hence this new initiative), but it has previously noted that:

So if you want to maximize your content’s performance on LinkedIn, you’ll probably want to move away from those elements and focus on creating relevant and engaging posts that match your target audience.

That, of course, won’t stop some people from re-sharing viral posts from other apps in order to attract cheap engagement.

But LinkedIn hopes to be able to provide more control over how it tackles it with this new initiative, which could help you create a more effective and engaging presence in the app.

The first two videos (above) are pretty general, but LinkedIn says it has more information to come, including:

  • Demystifying the flow: how the algorithm works and personalizing the flow
  • Demystifying the Stream: Content Distribution and How We Work to Combat Bias

Hopefully these pieces will contain more specific and actionable tips to help you improve your LinkedIn approach.


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