Logitech’s G502 X gaming mice feature USB-C and clickable optical switches


Logitech has three new gaming mice, and the wireless mice finally have USB-C on the front. It’s true, the micro USB’s reign of terror continues to wane as Logitech’s new G502 X series the gaming mice are the successor to the company’s popular G502 line.

All three mice – G502 X, G502 X Lightspeed and G502 X Plus – also now include hybrid optical-mechanical buttons for greater responsiveness as well as a more accurate 25,600 dpi “Hero 25K” sensor. They will have a lighter overall weight and will be available in black and white.

While the mice sport the company’s new “Lightforce” hybrid optical-mechanical switches, designed to utilize the speed of optical technology, they also include the click satisfaction of a traditional mouse button. Logitech claims that the optical switch also wears less, so it will last longer than an all-mechanical switch.

The G502 X base is wired and has the lightest weight of the bunch at 89 grams. The G502 X Lightspeed and G502 X Plus both have 68% faster connectivity than the previous G502 Lightspeed, but only the G502 X Plus comes with the company’s game-responsive RGB Lightsync feature.

The wired G502 X. All models are available in black or white.
Picture: Logitech

The Wireless Plus model has all the RGB.
Picture: Logitech

The slight redesigns include a reversible DPI shift button for more customization, and if you’re new to gaming like me, you’ll like that you can remove it if you’re not using it. Logitech has also lightened the scroll wheel to make it easier to spin freely, but can switch to ratchet scrolling as well.

But let’s be clear: the real deal to get it – or the upgrade from the previous model – is USB-C connectivity on the wireless models. They can be read wired in a snap, but can also last up to 140 hours for the Lightspeed or up to 120 hours for the Plus (with RGB disabled). You can also get unlimited battery life on both using the Logitech Powerplay Magic Wireless Charging Mouse Pad. Wireless models can share a receiver dongle with one of the following Logitech G keyboards: G915, G915 TKL, or G715.

You can pre-order the new G502 X range at Logitech G website now. The wired G502 X goes for $79, and the Wireless Lightspeed model is $139, and both will ship next month. The Plus will set you back $159 and should start shipping today.


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