Matthew Stafford walks away after NFL photographer crashes during Super Bowl parade

Getty Images

A photographer who was working in Los Angeles for the Rams’ Super Bowl parade on Wednesday apparently suffered a serious injury after falling from the stage towards the end of the day’s festivities.

The photographer was Kelly Smiley, and as the show drew to a close, it appears Matthew Stafford and his wife, Kelly, asked Smiley to take their picture. In the live stream of the incident, which broadcast on Fox 11 in Los AngelesSmiley was on the main stage trying to take a picture of the Staffords with a cell phone and as this was happening she took a few steps back but didn’t realize she was at the edge of the stage.

Smiley then fell off the stage as Kelly Stafford watched in horror as Matthew walked away. From the parade video, the stage appears to be about 6-8 feet off the ground, and it was high enough that Smiley apparently sustained a fairly serious injury. In a Twitter post on Wednesday evening, the photographer wrote that she had fractured her spine.

Smiley also wrote on Instagram that she had to spend the night at the trauma center.

Although Smiley went to the hospital after the fall, the Rams quarterback is being criticized on social media for not doing more to help him.

Although the video shows Stafford turning and walking away, it’s impossible to know what he was thinking until he actually comments on the situation. He might have thought there was security downstage that could quickly help Smiley. That being said, the video itself is definitely not a great look for the Rams QB.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Smiley with medical bills and broken camera gear in the fall. In less than 10 hours, people have already donated over $14,000 to the cause.


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