Miami Dolphins to bring DeVante Parker back to training this week


The Miami Dolphins recovered at least one of their offensive weapons just in time for the New York Giants. DeVante Parker is about to return.

I hear the loud applause and I can see the punches now. I can also hear the sarcasm that says, “if he can train without getting hurt again”. I know, I understand. I’m tough on Parker, and rightly so. He’s got a talented world, is highly regarded by his teammates, and no one has ever said anything bad about him personally, well, other than Michael Thomas, we don’t care about him. Unfortunately, the fact that he can’t always stay on the pitch is a problem. A large.

Some fans believe that a healthy 8-game Parker is always better than no Parker at all. I tend to disagree with this idea. If you can’t stay on the ground, you are of no use. An injury here or there is understandable but Parker has only played a full season.

While Parker will be back, the same can’t be said for Will Fuller. Fuller will miss his 9th straight game and Brian Flores has said he’s not yet ready to return. He is said to have suffered multiple fractures on his finger and that is why his recovery is taking so long.

We really can’t sit here and say that Fuller is dealing with his time with the Dolphins, but conspiracy theorists are once again floating everything from a failed PED test that the team is trying to hide from him by wanting nothing to do. with Miami. Either way and whatever the reason, Fuller will still make $ 10 million for doing nothing, at least nothing until now.


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