Microsoft Edge update seems like a bit of a buggy mess


The latest version of Microsoft’s Edge Internet browser comes with some not-so-welcome and equally annoying bugs and annoyances, users complained.

As reported by BleepingComputer, many users have reported that Edge 91 is showing a pop-up on launch asking if they want to “use recommended browser settings.”

However, even if they close the pop-up or choose not to update the settings, the window will reappear on restart.

The post managed to recreate the issue on its own device and suggests that the issue may be with the default search engine settings:

“In the BleepingComputer test, this only happened to us when Bing was not configured as the default search engine,” he says, before adding that he is not 100% sure whether this is the only reason.

Broken home page

Edge users also say that the browser does not accept start page configurations and often opens a New Tab page instead – which BleepingComputer also managed to recreate in order to confirm the problem.

According to Windows Latest, it can be fixed by manually switching the “Manage Search Engine” Group Policy from “Enabled” to “Not Configured” or “Disabled”.

Other bugs include the lack of the + symbol to open a new tab, or the inability to use the third mouse button (the wheel) to open items in the Favorites folder.

Microsoft has yet to fix these issues, so we don’t know how long it will take before a fix is ​​released.

The software giant can’t seem to take a break from its browser (s) lately. It currently has two browsers: the Chromium-based Edge and the old Internet Explorer. The latter, which is mainly used by organizations that need something to run their legacy applications, is retiring on June 15, 2022.

Via: BleepingComputer


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