… N ‘Delta group undertakes to purchase the nomination form


Of Femi Folaranmi, Yénagoa

A The Project Niger Delta group has pledged to purchase the All Progressives Congress (APC) nomination form for Governor Bello in addition to a donation of 5 million naira to launch the consultations and campaigns.

The group made the statement after a meeting attended by leaders and representatives of other Niger Delta states in Yenagoa over the weekend.

Group coordinator and facilitator Princewill Ebebi described Governor Bello as a bridge builder who has all it takes to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to him, being a young man with vast experience, and for justice and fairness to prevail, the Center-Nord should be allowed to try his luck for the presidency in 2023 by presenting Bello.

Ebebi said the country needs a unifier and detribalized leader like Bello, who he said has shown ability as governor serving his second term, and expressed belief that if he had the opportunity, he would lead the country to the desired destination.

He said the group would begin an outreach tour of college campuses and other higher education institutions across the country to engage and educate young people on the need to support a young person to lead the country.

Ebebi said: “We have received notices from different groups and organizations who have declared their interest in joining the train. Governor Bello for President is a national youth project as it is time to get it right by ensuring that a young person becomes President in 2023.

“Governor Bello has shown ability and leadership as governor, and as we join well-meaning Nigerians across the country in urging him to participate, we have decided to purchase the nomination form from the APC for him and provide 5 million naira to launch consultations, advocacy visits and campaigns.

Group adviser Menwo Wilson Osigwe, while describing Governor Bello as a man who can be entrusted with running the country, said all hands should be on deck for the actualization of Governor Bello’s presidency.

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