New Student Fee Board fund to support sustainability efforts on campus


Last month, the University Park Student Fee Board approved a new $ 250,000 environmental sustainability fund that will pave the way for student-run projects on campus.

University Park offices and organizations can now apply for funding that would help sustainability projects. Groups can apply for a maximum of three years of funding.

Each year, proposals can be submitted on the Student Fee Board website by mid-December. In January, the subcommittee will hold hearings to choose the four proposals that will receive funding this spring.

The new fund has been in the works since summer 2020. Nora Van Horn, senior member of the Student Fee Board, and Claire Kelling, chair of the Student Fee Board and double doctorate candidate, led the efforts to get the fund approved.

Thanks to a recent petition published by the Penn State Climate Action group, a boost for the Environmental Sustainability Fund has been renewed.

“Tuition fees exist to improve the extracurricular experience for students. Our hope is that this fund will do just that, allowing students to participate in the development and implementation of these projects and enjoy their benefits ”, Van Horn said in a statement. “This round of funding, the students told us they wanted us to prioritize environmental sustainability, especially as we see and feel the effects of the climate crisis more and more.”

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