New teaser alluding to a Super Builder?


Supercell has released another teaser video for the Clash of Clans Spring 2022 update. The 35-second teaser is sparking hype and even more questions as we eagerly await the start of the official previews.

At the heart of the video’s message is “Join the Journey to Greater Battles”, again hinting at the possibility of Clan Capitals. We get another look at the mysterious mountain top with something on top, but we can’t quite figure out what it is.

The mention of “bigger battles” certainly seems to suggest some kind of full clan battles against clan capitals. But for now, that’s just speculation.

But beyond the mountaintop, there are undoubtedly more clues and teasers in this video. The biggest eye-catcher is the mysterious bearded man at the end of the video. He is standing on two books and has a hammer by his side.

The most popular guess is that this is the long-talked-about Super Builder and will be the one controlling the Clan Capital upgrade. But community manager Darian was quick to shut down that theory.

So who is he then? And what is this second book? Or what is the meaning of his hammer? Someone noticed the second book as lettering on it. He’s clearly of some importance or he probably wouldn’t have been shown in the stinger. Darian added another hint: “He’s not a super builder. He’s super sus. Wait, is that a reference to Among Us? Hopefully we get some clarification when Supercell delivers the previews for the update.

It has since been confirmed that the Spring 2022 Developer Update video will be released on April 27th. Darian explained that the video will be released before it premieres. I don’t know what the point of previews will be at this point if we already know the contents of the Developer Update. But hey, we’ll have details soon!


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