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Swedish company Sinch AB is on an acquisition streak. She barely gave her accountants time to catch their breath after the very recent acquisition of the next-gen German courier company. MessengerPeople for 48 million yen, when it announced another purchase today – email delivery specialist Pathwire, this time for a whopping $ 1.9 billion.

Sinch is no stranger to over a billion yen. Earlier this year, she acquired The $ 1.3 billion messaging SME MessageMedia and the US voice network operator Inteliquer for $ 1.1 billion. The company’s spending on 15 acquisitions since the start of 2020 is nearly $ 3 billion.

So what gives? Why did Sinch put together a collection of cutting edge email companies now complemented by the decidedly old school email reader?

Because the digital communication channel game is not a knockout competition. Despite articles prophesying the demise of email because Gen Z is immersed in and apparently allergic to catchy messages, email is still alive and well and clogging inboxes everywhere. Sinch with Pathfinder aims to make the enterprise messaging experience more reliable and refined.

Search by Technavio estimates the global email delivery market to be $ 16 billion, 60% of which is transactional email delivered in response to an end-user action, such as a booking confirmation.

As with a lot of tech stuff, digital communications media tend to be accretive. The challenge is how to get them to work together effectively to advance relationships with clients, without driving those on either end of the exchange crazy (“Sorry calling, I lost you in the transfer, we’ll see if we can. make that time right. ”) This is where Sinch aims to make his mark.

He claims that with the acquisition of Pathwire, it has become one of the very few global communication platform as a service (CPaaS) providers that can deliver high quality services across all major communication channels. B2C digital.

Pathwire fits into this framework because it provides what Sinch describes as “best-in-class” email “deliverability” – email has to go through.

“Each form of digital communication has its unique advantages, and delivering high quality at scale requires both extensive technical capabilities and in-depth subject matter expertise,” comments Oscar Werner, CEO of Sinch. “Together with Pathwire, we will be able to offer a cutting edge product suite, across messaging, voice and email. “

So what are the qualities that separate your dad’s messaging and the new messaging systems, all of which are brilliant and overflowing with deliverability?

Sinch says cloud-based email services like Pathwire can ensure that an email reaches its recipient as expected, with minimal delay, and that they will be “pixel perfect” on every device.

Pathwire offers three main products:

  • Postal gun offers powerful APIs that allow developers to integrate automated emails into products and workflows.
  • Mailjet offers a drag-and-drop email generator and API suite for marketers to increase customer engagement and maximize marketing ROI.
  • And the oddly named Email on Acid improves deliverability rates with an automated pre-deployment checklist.

For the year ending December 31, 2021, Pathwire is expected to achieve revenue of $ 132 million and gross profit of $ 104 million. The company employs approximately 290 people and is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

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