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Country-pop sensation Kacey Musgraves took her talents around the world for a series of concerts in Japan. While savoring the culture the country has to offer, the “golden hourThe singer celebrated her 34th birthday.

The Grammy Award-winning artist took to social media to document her entire experience in Japan, which included breathtaking architecture, exquisite cuisine, wildlife, and partner Cole Schafer.

Musgraves sported a figure-hugging butterfly dress to ring in another year on Sunday, August 22. The hitmaker posed for numerous snapshots before joining his bandmates to party. The photographs were uploaded to Instagram – where she paid tribute to her glam squad for her flawless makeup and radiant hairstyle, which features neon lights.

On the same day, the singer changed her wardrobe to have a drink and a bite to eat. While wearing a striped top, she sampled fried crickets from a Japanese restaurant.

Musgraves was hesitant to try the insect, but she eventually found the courage. The restaurant provided two fried crickets as part of the exotic course.

“Fried crickets, anyone?” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “What if they jump?” she added before lifting the heated lid.

In the background of the video, fans will hear Schafer giving Musgraves a fair warning that he “won’t kiss her” after she fearlessly swallowed the insect. The platinum artist gave his guitarist Benjamin Jaffee the second cricket to try. To applause from friends, the two raised the creepy creepers to cheers.

Musgraves was too stunned to speak as she quickly realized the taste was similar to a fried chickpea. The menu consisted of other interesting items such as dengoro, water turtle, scorpion and tarantula.

The next day, Musgraves and Schafer explored the city of Nara. During their visits, the lovebirds enjoyed the rich history and had the opportunity to feed “majestic deer”.

“Today we visited Nara – an ancient Japanese city about an hour from Kyoto. It was actually the first capital of Japan and the place where Buddhism originated,” the singer explained. “For centuries , every summer, hundreds of majestic deer invade Nara completely. They were considered ‘messengers of the gods’, so the monks let them stay around the temple and the city,” she added.

She continued to point out that nearby vendors sell crackers to feed the animals. Musgraves mentioned that she encountered an “aggressive” deer that bit her back. Other highlights were an ancient temple built in 752, jaw-dropping tourist attractions and romantic moments between Musgraves and her poet boyfriend.

“I truly cried – not only at the sheer visual beauty and the awe-inspiring dedication to people’s beliefs, but also out of deep gratitude for this existence and the places and perspectives I’m blessed to experience,” she expressed. . “For all the wonderful wells of love I have in my life. I don’t take anything for granted.”

Over the past year, Musgraves has had a handful of flings with Schafer, a Nashville-based writer. Long before the chart-topping artist confirmed their relationship in August 2021 during an interview for her critically acclaimed record “cross starshe tied the knot with Ruston Kelly in 2017. However, she called him three years later and filed for divorce.

Since stepping into the limelight with Schafer, Musgraves hasn’t been shy about expressing her endless love and the precious moments they share. In December 2021, the couple co-hosted a “Teddy Bear Ball” at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, attended the Met Gala in May 2022, visited Belgium and Disneyland in sunny California.

“I don’t really want to keep things private, because I’m proud of the love I have,” the artist said. Time magazine. “I’m very happy. It’s natural to want to share that. And I don’t want to sound like a robot – I think people like me because I share who I am.

With her partner in crime glued to her side, she recently performed at the Summer Sonic music festival in Tokyo. Musgraves will return to the United States to compete in MTV’s 2022 VMA Award on Sunday, August 28, where she is nominated in two categories. The must-see show will air live at 8 p.m. ET on MTV, CMT and all ViacomCBS networks.


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