Ranking of the 5 most used Utah Jazz formations during this season


Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert (Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports)

If Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder deserves credit for one thing (side note: he deserves credit for a lot of things), it could be his ability to recognize what works and stick to it. hold on.

The Jazz increasingly relied on four-way rosters with a conventional rim protector in the middle during his tenure, with considerable success. This year, many observers believed Snyder could deviate from his formula, especially with the team’s acquisition in the offseason of potential small-ball center Rudy Gay. So far, he’s stuck with his favorite storyline. Spoiler alert: The 5 most used formations of Utah Jazz in 2021-22 so far feature Rudy Gobert or Hassan Whiteside in center position.

This is a trend to watch out for as the season progresses. We’re tempted to suggest that Snyder should experiment with small lines of balloons as soon as possible, lest he find his Utah Jazz in the playoffs with no idea how to counter Nicolas Batum. In the meantime, these queues have met with varying degrees of success.

Here’s how the Jazz’s five most used lineups rank based on their differential, as found on CleaningtheGlass.

Fifth best line-up in Utah Jazz: Hassan Whiteside, Joe Ingles, Bojan Bogdanovic, Royce O’Neale, Donovan Mitchell

Lately, there have been discussions among Utah Jazz fans as to whether Joe Ingles should usurp Royce O’Neale in Snyder’s starting lineup. O’Neale was injured in the last 2 games and the Jazz’s offense exploded with Ingles in his usual place.

Wherever you land on this debate, it seems obvious that one of them will have to leave the bench, because 3-wing rosters don’t work for Jazzmen. According to CleaningtheGlass, this group has a differential of -4.7, good for the 23rd percentile of the NBA.

Of course, one could argue that the more deterministic variable here is that Whiteside is in range as opposed to Gobert. It’s a fair counterpoint, but as you’ll learn in the next slide, Whiteside takes center stage in one of the most successful bands in Jazz.

For some reason, this group is particularly struggling defensively. The 118.4 points they give out per 100 possessions rank in the 7th percentile in the league (by CleaningtheGlass). Snyder should probably turn to this group as infrequently as possible, perhaps exclusively in the interest of fatigue management.


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