Razer Announces Kishi V2 Mobile Controller Coming to iOS This Fall


Razer has announced that its Kishi mobile controller is getting a major upgrade. The Razer Kishi V2 sports a new extendable bridge along with two multi-function buttons near the bumpers and a dedicated share button for sharing screenshots and clips on social media. It’s already available for Android right now, but those on iOS will be able to get their hands on it this fall.

The Razer Nexus app is perhaps the biggest upgrade that isn’t immediately noticeable at first glance. The app allows gamers to instantly access installed games, change their controller settings, and stream to YouTube or Facebook. Razer claims the Nexus app is also where gamers will go to find compatible games they may not have been familiar with.

“The original Razer Kishi opened the doors to a new class of console-quality controls for the mobile gaming market, and we’re thrilled that Kishi V2 will advance that experience in every way possible,” said the Razer Mobile lead. & Bracket. Division, Richard Hashim in a press release. “With the advanced technology we’ve incorporated into Kishi V2, gamers can now enjoy the same look and feel of their favorite console and PC games wherever they go, without wasting time.”

Razer plans to release the Kishi V2 for iOS in Fall 2022 for $100 through its own website and other retailers, joining a growing list of excellent iOS controllers.


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