Saturna Capital and HANetf launch a carbon offset ETF


Saturna Capital and HANetf have joined forces to launch an actively managed ETF with carbon offset.

The Saturna Sustainable ESG Equity HANzero Ucits ETF is managed by Jane Carten and Scott Klimo and is a Ucits version of its US fund launched in 2015.

The new strategy will allocate 50 to 60 global companies that are best-in-class on a variety of ESG, financial and valuation metrics and have strong growth prospects.

HANetf will work with carbon offset specialists South Pole to neutralize carbon emissions from its investments through projects such as Topaiyo Forest Conservation in Papua New Guinea and the Musi River hydroelectric power plant in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The fund will positively select companies with solid corporate governance and a commitment to reducing their environmental impact. It will also exclude companies involved in the extraction of alcohol, weapons, gambling or fossil fuels.

Saturna Capital oversees $ 5 billion in assets under management and the Saturna Sustainable Active Global Equity fund is its second ETF in Europe.



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