Seattle Nonprofit Provides Funds to Help Families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People


A nonprofit organization that supports Indigenous communities in the Pacific Northwest provides grants to Indigenous families looking for missing loved ones and educates, among others, their missing loved ones.

The Na’ah Illahee Fund opened applications for its Red Hedge Fund on September 13. Grants of $ 1,000 each will go to Indigenous individuals and families most in need in the current crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous peoples, according to its website.

The Seattle-based nonprofit serves Indigenous communities in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Indigenous and First Nations people are encouraged to apply.

Applications will close when all funds are awarded. The Red Blanket grants will cover the costs of research, outreach efforts, and care services for families with relatives returning home.

Costs related to research include gas money, meals and hotel stays when researching in the state or states, costs of printing pamphlets, and the costs of hiring a private detective. Outreach efforts include prayer marches, community vigils, rallies and memorials.

Care services for families returning home include travel expenses, ceremony expenses for victims and family members, and funeral expenses for those found.

Apply at Those who need to complete an application by phone or email should contact Joni Crines, Grants Program Manager, at [email protected] or 206-565-8041.


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