Spherexx.com® Announces Appointment of Senior Vice President of Revenue Management and Data Science


“Spherexx Optimize (RentPush) was worth a million dollars to us.” Ed Partridge, CPM®, HCCP

Dr. Sivalenka has joined Spherexx, an advertising agency, software developer, and business intelligence provider that has primarily served the real estate industry in the United States and Canada since 2000. Amruth will work with Spherexx to expand the offerings of products and services and the commercial development of their Spherexx. Optimize the platform.

Spherexx Optimize is an algorithmic, neural machine learning, multi-family asset optimization software that gives users the freedom and control to respond to prevailing trends and exceptions with scientific data compressed into key performance indicators. intelligible. “We are all excited to have Dr. Sivalenka joining us as SVP of Revenue Management and Data Science and we look forward to having him on the team with our Revenue Management extensions on the horizon” , said Becca Wilson, owner/CEO of Spherexx .com®.

Dr. Sivalenka brings an impressive background to Spherexx, holding a Masters in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the University at Buffalo. He started his career in revenue management as a data scientist working for the Walt Disney Company, helping them create the algorithms for the cruise industry. He then joined Norwegian Cruise Line in Miami, Florida, which became the flagship of cruise line revenue management solution. Moving to AIMCO, he led their revenue management operations team and later grew their science-based revenue management solution nationwide, representing nearly one million revenue generating units.

Rainmaker Group, LRO, hired Dr. Sivalenka as Vice President of Business Consulting in 2009 to execute their implementations at various clients and later to lead the product management of LRO. His doctorate. The work was incorporated into LRO at that time and used throughout the industry ever since. Returning to the cruise line at a crucial time, he managed a revenue budget of nearly two billion dollars. There he was part of the turnaround management team that introduced a new class of ships and took the company public with a high IPO. Subsequently, he accepted a position at NBC Sports, where he built their revenue management team with a holistic mindset in budgeting, pricing, inventory, data science, marketing, sales and call center for Golf Now and related brands.

Spherexx Optimize (RentPush) has been serving the multi-family industry since 2012 with high yield results. Ed Partridge, CPM®, HCCP stated emphatically that “’RentPush’ was worth a million dollars to us” in a construction lease from MacDonald Companies. It offers a wide range of API interfaces with multi-family property management accounting software, providing users with a top-notch revenue management solution. Users particularly appreciate the online lease renewal process, the replacement per unit function, the alert system, the occupancy and demand forecasts, the personalized dashboard, the pricing simulation and the possibility of setting goals based on unique financial goals. The platform is also mobile responsive.

Optimize achieved SOC 1 Type II compliance in April 2022. It features a new automated Business Intelligence dashboard that takes leasing and operational overview to a new level, developed to help executives define easily trends and weaknesses. Managed services are available to create custom revenue management strategies per client using data variables and signals with triggers focused on specific ROI or goal.

“One of the challenges we see, particularly in multi-family real estate sectors, is the difficulty of correlating data sets across multiple data providers. Also, a separate challenge is the discrepancy between the operational goals of different departments working with different data sets. Our goal is to evolve revenue management beyond setting rents and delivering revenue as a holistic service (RaaHS) using data science, through which we can help management companies establish synergistic operating goals from annual budgets, provide real-time performance management, and provide actionable recommendations. across all revenue-generating departments to ultimately exceed expected returns,” Dr. Sivalenka said.

About Spherexx.com®

Spherexx.com® is an advertising agency, software developer, and business intelligence provider serving multiple industries in the United States and Canada since 2000. Spherexx has offices in Tulsa OK and has provided software and marketing solutions customized and ready-to-use products as well as customized software as a service (SaaS) products and customized solutions for marketing, sales and operations.

The Spherexx software stack uses the data generated by Spherexx along with the API interfaces of a customer’s software of choice to bring new efficiencies and minimize friction for our customers’ teams and public interface with our customers’ brands. Spherexx improves day-to-day operations by orchestrating and managing the “end-to-end” brand experience for employees and apartment buyers, as well as maximizing profits for landlords.

Spherexx leverages a client’s existing business processes with real-time data and BI dashboards for all levels of management. Proprietary technology stack includes website content management software, online website editor, digital asset management storage, forms builder, customer relationship management (CRM), market research over competitors, an asset inspection app and revenue management software.

Spherexx’s marketing stack starts with brand management, lead management, sales performance training, point of sale analytics, market insights, customer and business development tools and services. employees. Spherexx offers a comprehensive suite of services and software to support customers’ unique business goals and objectives. This suite includes branding, creative, website development, ad syndication, chatbots, mass messaging, drip campaigns, video production, document management, apps mobile for sales/rental, help desk, commission tracking, learning management software, competitor marketing analysis, marketing search and engine optimization, PPC, social advertising, screen kiosks touchscreen, tablet POS app, ADA website compliance, privacy and award-winning customer support.

Spherexx integrates third-party software and marketing services to optimize operational and financial efficiency. Customers can customize any workflow to give a competitive advantage in the market and better control over profit margins. To schedule a consultation, visit http://www.spherexx.com/get-started.


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