Teddy Bridgewater faces leg injury with KC Chiefs coming up in Week 13


Denver Broncos come off impressive win over Los Angeles Chargers in Week 12, a win that kept them on .500 even after distribution von Miller by the NFL trade deadline. However, with the KC Chiefs in sight, the Broncos face an injury to their Teddy bridgewater this will be something to watch out for as the week progresses.

The Broncos beat the Chargers by 15 points in a 28-13 victory on Sunday, but they were forced to look to Drew the lock for a while as Bridgewater left the game with a lower leg injury preventing him from playing for much of the first half. Lock took the upper hand and looked horrible completing 4 of 7 passes with 1 interception for just 26 yards.

Luckily for Denver, the leg injury doesn’t look too bad and ESPN reporter Jeremy Fowler calls it “handy. “It is unclear what that means, but the practice reports will tell the tale as the week goes on. Bridgewater certainly won’t claim the year-end awards, but he’s significantly better than Lock.

Teddy Bridgewater’s leg injury was called “manageable”.

While the Broncos won’t make anyone in Kansas City this nervous, the truth is they fared much better in 2021 than many expected and especially after they seemed to end up in the basement of the division behind the likes of the Chargers and Raiders. Given that they’ve had victories over the Chargers and Dallas Cowboys in recent weeks, no one at KC can afford to ignore them.

As for the Chiefs, they come out on their own, so they should be very healthy when they take the field on Sunday against the Broncos. Will it be Bridgewater versus Patrick muhammad? If so, how effective will it be?

Bridgewater has made 69.2% of all throws this year with 14 touchdowns and just 5 interceptions.


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